Memorial Day happens to be a time when the nation celebrates the brave heroes that fought for the country. It is also a weekend that people look forward to as it’s a chance to take a break away from the hustle and bustle of life. The big question, however, can be what you should do during this break so that you get the most out of your days off. There are several options in terms of things you can do and places to go for Memorial Day. Below, you are going to find. Few ideas that could help you narrow down your options.

To the Beach

For some people, when they’re thinking about where to go for Memorial Day weekend, their perfect day would be spent lounging on a beach. If this is the case for you, the good news is that there are several to choose from. Below are some beaches that you could consider going to on that day.

  • Blue Beach, Puerto Rico: If you want to go all out, consider going to Blue Beach in Puerto Rico. This is one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, and the El Block is a great location to stay in. If you enjoy snorkeling to want to try it for the first time, then this beach is an ideal place to do so.
  • Sunset Beach, Hawaii: This destination still happens to be one of the most sought after, and their beaches are one of many reasons why. Sunset Beach especially is great for both surfing as well as snorkeling. As its name states, you can expect to experience a breathtaking sunset after a relaxing day in the sand and sun.
  • Cannon beach, Oregon: Another one of the best beaches that you’ll find is Cannon Beach in Oregon. If your idea of a Memorial Day is being somewhere quiet and serene, then this beach should be a good pick.
  • US Virgin Islands: If you want a stunning view and real getaway, then try going to the US Virgin Islands. More specifically, Trunk Bay has amazing beaches with views that you could only dream of. In terms of activities, you could snorkel or explore the many extraordinary views.

On Vacation

For those who have already decided that that want to take a Memorial Day vacation, you could decide to go to destinations anywhere around the world. Below, you’re going to find some ideas for international vacations that may help you make a final decision.

  • Costa Rica: A beautiful destination to travel to during Memorial Day weekend is Costa Rica. This is ideal if you want somewhere tropical but aren’t so keen on the beach. You’ll expect to meet over 800 miles of coastline as well as nature bike, horseback riding, and volcano hot springs.
  • Vancouver: For mountains and sea as well as city and nature, Vancouver is another ideal place to be. It is apparently one of the world’s most livable cities, and spring, as well as summer, are ideal times of the year to travel there. Some of the best things to do in Vancouver are going to the Vancouver art gallery and aquarium or exploring the Capilano Suspension Bridge.
  • Dominican Republic: For a long weekend, the Dominican Republic also makes for a good place to go. All-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana especially should be a good value for money. This is perfect for anyone who wants to spend the weekend in warm weather and immersed in white sands.

Have a Staycation

For short and sweet weekends close to home, consider Memorial Day weekend getaways within the US. There are several cities that have an immense amount of fun and relaxation to offer during Memorial Day. Here are a few that you could explore below.

  • San Francisco: As the country’s second most expensive city, San Francisco is a good place to head to for the weekend. Surprisingly, ticket prices are around $350 for a round trip which has dropped since 2017. If you decide to go, partake in the big Memorial Day celebration which takes place in the Presidio from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm.
  • Washington DC: All of the patriotic people out there may like the idea of spending the weekend in the nation’s capital. It is said to have the largest Memorial Day parade as well as the popular Jazz in the Gardens during the evenings.
  • Las Vegas: To have the time of your life during the weekend, try going to Las Vegas, also known as Sin City. You may find discounted hotel rates as well as pool parties and outstanding restaurants.



Getting auto insurance is an important consideration, limiting the financial impact of any collision that may occur while you’re on the road. But what happens when it’s time to rent a car? Do you need to buy more insurance just for the rental, or are you covered? What is the purpose of the additional coverage being sold at the rental counter and is it optional or required? Settling these questions once and for all can give you peace of mind before your next jet-setting business trip or exciting road trip vacation.

Rental insurance: Required?

Whenever you rent a car in the U.S. – in any state – the additional coverage products sold at the desk are optional. You don’t need to purchase extra insurance to acquire a rental car. These rules aren’t necessarily the same overseas, as every country has its own set of driving laws. Be sure to check with your rental partner when renting a car outside of the U.S.

In many cases, your auto insurance policy will take effect, even when you’re driving a rental car. If you’re not sure whether you’re covered, check with your car insurance provider. Your coverage may extend to rental vehicles, leaving you well prepared to take the wheel.

Optional coverage options

There are typically a few coverage products available at the rental counter. These are optional, but they can provide an extra layer of protection, especially if you don’t have auto insurance that will work during your rental.

Collision coverage is designed to pay for any damage that occurs to the rented car in the case of an accident.

Liability coverage helps with costs that come from damaging another motorists vehicle or causing personal harm in a collision.

Once you’ve checked with your insurer and decided whether optional coverage is right for you, it’s time to hop into your new rental car and enjoy your trip!

Every country has its own unique rules when it comes to driving. One of the most obvious differences is the side of the road that cars are required to drive on. If you’re used to driving on the right side of the road, what happens when you find yourself in a country that drives on the left side? There are things you can do to ensure that you’re able to adjust and get the hang of it. Whether you’re in India, Australia, or the United Kingdom, there are ways to get the hang of it. Keep reading to find practical tips for driving on the left side of the road.

Drive with a Companion

Although this depends on your circumstances, if it’s possible, find someone to drive with you when you’ve got to master driving on the left side of the road. This can help you focus on the drive and avoid having to focus too much on the navigation. In order to unlearn a habit within a short period of time, the reality is that you need a lot of concentration seeing as you may not have the 21 days they say it takes to transform a habit.

Get to Know the Car  

One of the main differences with driving on the left and right side of the road is the kind of car you’ll be driving as well as the side of the road you’re on. You will find that while you’re used to all of the controls being on the right, they’re on the left. This can take some getting used to, so get to know the car, understand where all of the important controls are, and make sure you’re comfortable before getting out on the road.

Ask for Advice

Sometimes, all of the help you need is at your fingertips, but you’ve just got to ask the right people. Having said that, if you’re getting a rental car from the airport, speak to the car rental on-airport operators as they should be able to offer you useful advice. Don’t underestimate how helpful this advice could be in terms of giving you more confidence and knowledge you need to make it a less daunting task.

Speak to Yourself Out Loud

One of the toughest parts of learning to drive on the left side can be making turns. This is because you’d typically be used to making them on the right, so you have to make a conscious effort to do the opposite. Try saying left out loud continuously until you get around the corner as a way of helping until you fully get the hang of driving on the left.

Get Insurance

 If you don’t usually get insurance with your rentals, when driving on the left side of the road, it’s the perfect time to get it. Knowing that you’re covered could give you peace of mind while you’re driving. Learn more about your options, how much coverage you’ll get and whether it’s reasonably priced.

Take Your Time

It’s crucial that when you drive on the left, you take your time and not rush. This means driving relatively slower than you usually would without causing traffic and taking your time to navigate the road. Merging traffic effectively is also important as this is a time that you could be vulnerable to your car getting hit or you hitting someone. To prevent this, indicate before changing lanes and be sure you’re in the right one. Also, know that it’s okay to take a break if you’re feeling overwhelmed and pick up from where you were once relaxed.

Be Confident

It’s crucial that you accept that while you’re driving, you’re likely to make mistakes. If not, you could make yourself more nervous than you need to be and end up making life-threatening mistakes. Make sure you don’t over think things and maintain the same confidence you have when driving on the right said. To keep your confidence high, reinforce positive driving habits such as keeping your hands on the wheel at proper positions. You may also want to try adjusting your mirrors to cover your blind spot and avoiding driving while you’re sleepy.

Minimize Distractions

 As obvious as it may sound, minimizing distractions while you’re driving could make the world of a difference if you want to get the hang of driving on the left side. In order to do this, get rid of your first major distraction which is usually your phone. Switch it to drivers mode and avoid trying to text or answer calls without first pulling over. Aside from this, avoid multitasking and be sure that if you have kids or pets in the car, they’re well-entertained and don’t distract you.

Going on a road trip can be one of many experiences to look forward to. It’s an opportunity for you and those close to you to get a change of scenery and take a break from the demands of life. For those who enjoy the planning phase, you may be in the process of putting together the different elements of your getaway. Perhaps you’ve gotten to the part where you have to list out what snacks you’ll be bringing along, so you don’t have to keep stopping to buy them. If you are thinking about healthy snack ideas to bring along with you, find some below.


One type of snack that is great for your health and also can be pretty tasty are vegetables. There are a number of ways that you can combine vegetables with dips or cook them to give you the kick you need for the road. Below are a few ideas for you to add to your list.

Carrot Sticks: One of the best snacks that you can bring along to your road trip is carrots. They make for a great snack and give you the sweet and refreshing taste you need to keep going. If you didn’t already know, carrots are great for your health and seen as the ultimate health food because they’re rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Stuffed Tomatoes: For those who have a few minutes to spare before a road trip, stuffed tomatoes can be a great snack and easy to throw together. To make them, you’re going to need large cherry tomatoes, fresh goat cheese, virgin oil, and chopped oregano.


When it comes to road trip food ideas, you can’t leave fruit out of the list. This is crucial as fruit are easy to consume, contain water to keep you hydrated, and is also very healthy. Here are a few ideas of things you can do with fruit.

Frozen Grapes and Kiwi: If you want a snack that you can easily nibble on the way, cut up some kiwi and throw it in a ziplock bag with grapes. Kiwi, for one, is a great source of Vitamin A and also helps with digestion. Eating grapes on the other hand, helps heart health, and they also help reduce blood sugar levels.

Tropical Fruit Parfait: If you want a little yogurt with a twist, then you should make fruit parfaits. The primary content in here will be fruit so you can slice and dice any that you want to. Some ideas are mango, pineapple, kiwi and melon. Don’t forget to put yogurt in at the end.


Amongst the many healthy snacks out there, nuts happen to be one of the best. They can be so nutritional and they’re a good replacement for junk with empty calories. Find a few kinds of nuts you could try below.

Walnuts: When putting together your list of healthy road trip snacks, don’t forget to add walnuts. They have healthy monounsaturated fats and also heart-healthy linoleic acid.

It’s recommended that you eat around eight a day for the most part.

Peanuts: Classic peanuts can make the perfect snack at any time and are also healthy too. They are high in folate which is essential for brain development. In addition to this, they’re full of brain-boosting healthy fats in addition to vitamin E.

The good thing about nuts is that you don’t need to eat them with anything. They make for ideal standalone snacks whether you’re driving or in the passenger’s seat.

Baked Goods

Other ideas for road trip snacks are baked goods like cakes or cookies. For those with a sweet tooth, you’ll like these suggestions and also be delighted to know that they’re healthy alternatives to your guilty pleasures.

Pumpkin Pie Energy Bites: If you’re going to be driving when venturing on your road trip, one thing you’ll need is a boost of energy. In light of this, try making pumpkin pie energy bites which you’ll need roasted almond butter, pumpkin puree, quinoa flakes, cooking oats, and ground cinnamon for.

Protein Bars: Instead of buying protein bars from the store, did you know you could make them yourself? You could do anything from no-bake peanut butter bars which are keto, vegan or sugar-free to blueberry bliss breakfast bars. It’s left to you to do your research and see which is the quickest and easiest for you to make.

Healthy snacks while on a road trip can help you stay alert and feel good during your journey. Try using some of the above snacks next time you’re on the road and you should find you feel great when you finally reach your destination.

If you happen to be a frequent traveler, then you may have an interest in the many airports that there are. Knowing the difference between each airport and the benefits of flying through each, especially if you happen to live in the New York environs, can save you so much stress.

In this buzzing city, you should know that there are three main airports located in different areas of the city. Below you’ll find information about New York airports and relevant information you should know in case you’re traveling.

John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

One of the first things you may be wondering is which airport is best to fly from in New York. You would first need to think about what makes an airport good. Some things that may come to mind are accessibility, distance, parking, and restaurants. With that being said, one of the first airports in New York this article will explore is John F Kennedy.

JFK is said to be one of the largest and best served airports in the NY metro area and is located in Southern Queens. If you’re wondering which airlines go there, you will see a number such as US Airlines, American, Delta, JetBlue, or Virgin America to mention a few. It’s about a $60 Uber away from Times Square and not ideal if you’re going to upper Manhattan.

Here are a few ways that you can get to the airport from wherever you are.

  • Airtrain + Subway: For those traveling light, consider traveling by public transport as it could work out cheaper and you don’t have to worry about traffic. You could take the AirTran which will take you to ether Howard Beach or Jamaica and the fee is only $5 on the AirTran and $2.25 on the subway. This is pretty affordable and ideal for anyone on a budget.
  • Taxi: If you have luggage, then a cab is likely the most convenient way to get to the airport. It could cost anywhere from a $45 flat fare but much more if you’re trying to get there during rush hour.
  • Shuttle Services: For a cheaper alternative to a taxi, why not try a shared ride shuttle service? The only con of this is that you have to drop other people off on the way, so you need to leave early enough to reach the airport on time.

La Guardia International Airport (LGA)

The smallest of the three New York airports, La Guardia is about 10km from Manhattan and located in northern Queens. In order to be allowed at that airport, flights typically have to be shorter than 2400km away, but Denver is the exception to this rule at 2,600 km away. This rule is here to help prevent overcrowding at the airport. As done above, you will find transport options to the airport below.

  • Bus: Unlike with JFK airport, there is only one public transport option to La Guardia and it’s the M60 bus.
  • Taxi: The taxi to La Guardia, you’re going to spend more than you would if you took one to JFK. It’s going to cost anywhere from $25-35 to get to Manhattan but also consider the cost of tolls and tips.

If you want to do a JFK vs LGA debate, you’ll find that one is far bigger and busier than the other, so it depends on where you’ll be flying to and how accessible each one is.

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

The last airport of the New York airports that you need to know about is Newark Liberty International Airport which is located in New Jersey. However, it’s about 15 miles from Manhattan. The main airlines that you’ll find in this airport are Continental, JetBlue, and American. The good thing about this airport is that it has three terminals and is slightly easier to get to than JFK as a result.

In terms of convenience, if you’ll be needing access to or heading towards any financial area near the World Trade Center or Wall Street, it’s a great airport option. Find out how you can get to the airport by taxi and other means here.

  • Taxi: This is probably the most expensive airports in New York to travel to as it’s going to cost you anywhere from $50-$60. As mentioned earlier, don’t forget to include any tolls and tips in that figure as well.
  • AirTran + Train: Of all of the airports, Newark is the only New York area airport that has a train connection. The AirTran will get you to the airport train station for around $5.50 and from the train station, you’ll need to take the NJ Transit train to Newark Penn Station. This is an affordable option, and it can be relatively shorter compared to the others.

Airports may seem like a trivial topic but knowing as much as you can about them when you’re traveling can save you so much stress. It’s crucial that you’re well-informed about what each airport offers so that you can make your travel experience as smooth as possible.

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There are many cities in the United States, and Boston happens to be a popular and beautiful city many tourists flock to year after year. As the capital of Massachusetts, you can find a range of activities, historical monuments as well as an identifiable culture. This city which has a population of over half a million people is one of the oldest in the U.S. and has much to say about the history of the country.

When it comes to settling on the best things to do in Boston, it can be a tiresome task. With so much to do, you may struggle to fit it all in. Well, fear not. Here are the best things to do in Boston.

Fenway Park

If you happen to be someone that thoroughly enjoys sports, then Fenway Park may be a dream for you, it’s an opportunity to get up-close and personal with the stadium at which the Boston Red Sox played. With that being said, it’s the perfect place for you to either enjoy a game, or on the other hand, admire the architectural structure of the park There are restaurants, bars, and gift shops nearby in case you decide you’d like to grab a meal and buy a few souvenirs.

Museum of Fine Arts

The lovers of all things art should be happy to know that there is a Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and it carries all of the magic that your art lover should enjoy. This is one of the oldest art institutions in the country and home to some of the best art collections internationally.

A famous collection that you’ll find in this museum is the celebrated Art of the Americas wing which was debuted in 2010. You will find 53 galleries which showcase iconic pieces that happen to span from Pre-Colombian times to the 20th century.

If you’re into Asian art, you’ll also find an impressive collection in this regard in addition to work from Renoir, Monet, and Manet in the European collection. For the most part, you should pass through a few centuries via art.

Take a Brewery Tour

To do something out of the ordinary when you’re next in Boston, why not commit to going on a brewery tour while you’re in town. As home to beer that more or less started the craft beer revolution, The Sam Adams Brewery and Tap Room would be an interesting stop. In terms of what you could expect, there are free tours around the brewery, insight into the process of making their beer and then a sample of the good stuff.

Aside from this brewery, you may also want to try out Harpoon Brewery and Beer Hall which offers tours and samples as well.

Go to Boston Symphony Orchestra

It’s good to step out of your comfort zone and try something new from time to time. On that note, among the many things to do in Boston, one of them is visiting the Boston Symphony Orchestra. It’s an opportunity to see world-renowned performances at Symphony Hall. An interesting fact is that today, the symphony plays over 250 shows annually and in terms of content, you can find anything from traditional concerts and Boston pops to Mozart-inspired shows that are suitable for the family.

Tours of the hall are typically offered in the fall, winter, and spring, and you’ll find information about the building as well as the orchestra’s museums and conductors.

Visit Freedom Trail

If you’re still wondering what to do in Boston, another idea is to follow the Freedom Trail. Here, you can follow a 2.5-mile trail which winds through the city and passes 16 popular historical spots. If you’d rather a tour guide take you through the trail, you can get one from the Freedom Trail Foundation. Some sites that you’ll see are Bunker Hill, Park Street Church, and Granary Burying Ground.

Enjoy Dining

No matter what tourist spots you go to visit, it won’t be complete if you don’t enjoy good food. Among the best restaurants in Boston are places like Island Creek Oyster Bar which sell a range of seafood dishes as well as food from a fresh oyster farm.

If you’re a sushi-enthusiasts, then try O Ya as they have foods for sushi fanatics such as rolls, sashimi, as well as deeply traditional dishes.

For something intimate and candlelit, Craigie on Main could fit the description. You can expect a rotating menu which includes foods like Vermont-raised lamb rib and homemade burgers for something simple. Beyond the mentioned, there are so many more restaurants that you can use your taste buds to explore.





Spring is nearly here, and that can mean only one thing: cherry blossom season is almost upon us. While peak blossoms will vary by destination, it is common for these iconic trees to flourish from mid-March to mid-April.

While the best destination in the world to see the beautiful trees in all its glory is Japan, there are many places across the US that will allow you to absorb the beauty of the pink and white flowers each year. Here are the best places to see cherry blossom trees in the United States.

Macon, Georgia

The first destination on your list should be Macon, Georgia, which is known as the cherry blossom capital of the world. That is because between 30,000 to 35,000 Yoshino cherry trees line the Instagram-worthy streets, which surround many college campuses, neighborhoods and downtown.

The city also plays host to the 10-day International Cherry Blossom Festival, which has been coined the “pinkest party on Earth” and the event is held every early spring when the trees are in full bloom.

St Louis, Missouri

Stunning cherry blossom trees flank the iconic Gateway Arch in St Louis, which beautifully bloom between March through to early April every year. Both locals and tourists also have the option to visit the 14-acre Japanese Garden that can be found at Missouri Botanical Garden, which features a variety of different species, such as Yoshino, Higan and Centennial.

Washington, D.C.

The cherry blossom peak bloom is a cause for celebration in Washington, D.C. To honor the 3,000 cherry trees gifted by the mayor of Tokyo to the US capital in 1912, the city hosts the National Cherry Blossom Festival every spring, and it is a celebration of the close relationship between the United States and Japan.

People across the country, therefore, attend the event, which starts in the day and can last well into the night, to enjoy much food, drink and songs under the flourishing cherry blossoms.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is also home to one of the biggest cherry blossom events in the United States, as it plays host to the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia every April at Fairmount Park.

Once here, you can admire up to 1,000 gorgeous cherry trees. The event is held in homage to the historic gift of cherry trees from the Japanese government in 1926, which was to commemorate the 150th anniversary of American independence.

Brooklyn, New York

It is not only Philadelphia and Macon who host annual cherry blossom events, as you can also attend Sakura Matsuri (Japanese for “cherry blossom festival”) at Brooklyn Botanic Garden each April. The event offers 60 activities for visitors to choose from, as well as a tea ceremony and traditional music performances.

Seattle, Washington

Spring is a great time to be a student at the University of Washington, as this is when the campus comes alive with cherry blossoms. The 31 trees planted here were presented as a gift to Seattle from Japan in 1912 and were transplanted from Washington Park Arboretum in the 1960s. The trees are so popular with locals and tourists that they now have their own Twitter account.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco has been honoring their cherry blossom season with the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival since 1968. The annual celebration is held over two weekends in the middle of May and features everything from parades and street performances to art exhibitions.

Boston, Massachusetts

While Boston might not be as well-known for its cherry blossom trees as much as Washington, D.C. or Macon, Beantown is home to many striking trees along the Charles River Esplanade in Back Bay, which can add a burst of color into the city’s skyline.

The Brookline neighborhood also celebrates Sakura with the Brookline Cherry Blossom Festival, which celebrates the cherry blossom peak bloom, as well as Japanese culture, cuisine, music, games, and crafts.

Dallas, Texas

According to Dave Forehand, the vice president of The Dallas Arboretum, they planted only 10 trees in the botanical garden nearly 20 years ago as part of an experiment. Consequently, he has planted 10 trees every year of his working life, which has resulted in more than 150 trees blossoming in the arboretum from mid-March. Visitors from across the state, therefore, attend the Bloom Festival in Dallas when the trees, as well as 500,000 other bulbs, are planted annually.

So, don’t overlook the blossoming cherry tree events when driving through one of the above cities this spring. It is a beautiful sight you don’t want to miss!


Thingd to do in austin



According to a recent census, the Irish-American population is seven times larger than Ireland. The facts speak for themselves, as 34.5 million Americans have listed their heritage as either partially or primarily Irish. To compare, Ireland’s total population is 4.68 million.

It, therefore, will be no surprise to learn that there are many destinations across America that regularly serve delicious Irish dishes every day of the week. If you want to sample the unique cuisine, here are the four best places to find authentic Irish food in America.

New York

The census found that New York has the most concentrated Irish population in all of America, as an incredible 12.9% of the state’s residents claim Irish heritage, which is in comparison to the nationwide average of 11.1%. So, if you’re looking for authentic Irish dishes that will linger on your tongue, you’ll want to pay a visit to the Big Apple.

Head on over to the best Irish pubs in NYC to experience the unique cuisine for yourself, such as:

  • Molly’s Sheeben (Serving a delicious Irish breakfast and shepherd’s pie)
  • O’Hara’s Restaurant & Pub (Try the Irish stew)
  • Connolly’s Pub & Restaurant (Everything from fish & chips to shepherd’s pie)
  • Jones Wood Foundry (Enjoy cottage pie, sticky toffee pudding, and beer-battered haddock)


Bostonians are bursting with pride for their Irish heritage, which is why they celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style every March. That’s because approximately 20.4% of the population have Irish heritage, making it the most concentrated Irish population for a city in the US.

Anyone wanting to sample Irish cuisine for themselves will therefore not be disappointed when in Beantown. That’s because the city offers many superb Irish pubs and restaurants to grab some corned beef and cabbage or a serving of shepherd’s pie.

For example, Mr Dooley’s has been serving up dishes from the Emerald Isle since 1991. Here you can treat yourself to one of many mouthwatering dishes on the menu, such as Guinness-marinated sirloin steak, an Irish breakfast, corned beef and horseradish sandwich, and, of course, shepherd’s pie.

However, a trip to Ronan’s Deli is a must-visit for authentic Irish food, as the eatery and grocery store offers products from both Ireland and Brazil. You also can order many Irish dishes from the menu, such as battered sausage or a Galway Plate of Irish sausage, Irish beans, Irish bacon and French fries.

After a hearty meal, you can explore many superb attractions inspired by the city’s Irish heritage, such as the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum and the Boston Irish Heritage Trail.


Another US city that firmly believes they have the luck of the Irish is, of course, Chicago. Locals are often the first people to don an Irish kilt, pull out the bagpipes and grab a pint of Guinness come St Patrick’s Day, so you will be spoilt for choice by the many Irish dishes on many pub and restaurant menus in The Windy City.

For example, if you want to soak up the atmosphere of a traditional Irish watering hole, drop into the Irish Times Pub and Restaurant, offering a cozy, welcoming environment for both locals and tourists. They also regularly host live Irish music to complement shepherd’s pie and corned beef and cabbage by the fireplace.

Johnny O’Hagan’s can also provide you with a delicious taste of Ireland, as you can treat yourself to a cod sandwich on a Friday. The traditional pub also routinely serves up a scrumptious Irish breakfast and tasty specials, which perfectly fit the traditional backdrop.


The City of Brotherly Love is well-known for its many Irish pubs and bars, which is why it’s a top destination to visit to experience the best Irish food in the United States. Not only does Philadelphia serve up green beer and shots of Jameson on St Patrick’s Day, but it regularly offers typical pub grub you could expect to find in any eatery in Ireland.

One Irish establishment that has stood the test of time in Philadelphia is Moriarty’s Restaurant & Irish Pub, as it’s been serving Irish fare for more than 30 years. Not only can you take your pick from 28 draught beers along the 60-foot bar, but you will easily fall in love with their signature dish of corned beef brisket with cabbage. Other classics include Guinness beef stew that’s worth walking from the Emerald Isle for, as well as shepherd’s pie and Irish bread pudding.





If you’re in desperate need of a sunny break from reality, then Fort Myers should be high on your traveling bucket list. Seeing an average of 271 days of the sun a year, no matter when you visit, you’re likely to have some warm-weather fun when you head to this commercial center of Florida. Just. whatever you do, don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!

There are a host of other things to do in Fort Myers that don’t involve soaking up the sun’s rays, though. Here are just some of the cool things you can do upon a visit here:

Walk along Fort Myers Beach

If you’re a fan of white sand coastlines, then you should walk along the entirety of Fort Myers Beach. Just remember to pack your walking shoes for when you do, as it’s 7 miles long!

As your sandy stroll commences you will no doubt find yourself tripping over beautiful seashells — you should take one home with you because the shells found in this part of the world are envied the world over. When you feel like your walk cannot possibly go on any longer, then simply stop and take a dip. Fear not because the sea that kisses the Fort Myers Beach has been branded one of the safest to swim in — its lack of undertow and its very shallow waters mean that even the most inexperienced of swimmers can get to grips with the tide.

Pay a visit to Cayo Costa State Park

Just a short boat ride away from Fort Myers, the Cayo Costa State Park is definitely a place that you should pay a visit to during your Florida vacation. Here, you’ll be able to explore an even great stretch of beach and find even more gorgeous seashells. To truly experience the magic of Cayo Costa, you should camp there overnight. When seeking to do this, just bear in mind that camping reservations need to be made well in advance.

Enjoy Spring Training 

Whether you’re a huge fan of the sport or not, if you head out to Fort Myers in the springtime, you should try to catch a baseball spring game. The best MLB teams, like the Boston Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins, often choose this part of Florida as their base as they prepare for the start of their upcoming season. By watching a spring game, you’ll be able to enjoy all the fun of baseball without all the rivalry that is normally associated with it, as the game that you watch will be friendly. What’s more, you won’t have to pay a hefty price for admission into the stadium, as spring games are always cheaper than league games.

Eat Fresh Seafood and Visit a Microbrewery

Seafood doesn’t come much fresher than it does in Fort Myers. Whether you head here during scallop season (late June till late September) or during stone crab season (mid October till mid May), you’ll be sure to find a seafood dish that truly makes your mouth water.

To accompany your food, why not try a craft beer? The Fort Myers Brewing Company offers tours of its microbrewery, and during your tour, you will be afforded the chance to try out a number of different samples. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, make sure to give the award-winning drink known as Chocolate Stout a go.

Check out the Edison Ford Estate

Built by Thomas Edison and Henry Ford in the earliest part of the 20th century initially for them to use as a winter getaway, the Edison Ford Estate is now a landmark that you must check out when you visit Fort Myers. Here, you can explore the laboratory that has provided so much invention to the modern world, particularly that that involves the inception of the light bulb. Also, here, you can get up close and personal with a plethora of different trees from all over the world.

Hop aboard a Lagerhead Cycleboat

If you and your pals ever find yourself in need of a bit of fun during your time in Fort Myers, then make sure you all hop aboard a Lagerhead Cycleboat. Well, what’s not to love about being on a party boat, complete with its very own bar, that you power and pedal yourselves? When you give this little excursion a go, there will be no shortage of the fun that you have

The above information only tells you what to do in Fort Myers — it’s up to you to head out there and actually do it all yourself!

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best museums to visit in the us

Few US states can compare to Colorado when it comes to beautiful landscapes and superb outdoor activities. Offering stunning natural landmarks, picturesque national parks, and striking forests, it will be no chore to spend many days and nights in the great outdoors, soaking up The Centennial State’s unparalleled beauty and diversity.

If you want to pitch a tent and sleep under the stars when visiting the picturesque state, here are some of the best camping sites in Colorado to choose from.

Guanella Pass

You will find Guanella Pass in the Rocky Mountains, which is a one-hour drive away from Denver. Located 11,670 feet above ground, you can reach the campsite either by car or on foot, so it is ideal for those looking for a relaxed camping trip or a challenging hike.

After a busy day of fishing on Lake Georgetown, or a hike up Mount Evans or Mount Bierstadt, you can enjoy beautiful views of the night sky, which will be the perfect way to wind down.

Bear Lake Campground

Anglers should make their way to Bear Lake Campground, which is one of the most scenic fishing spots in all of Colorado. Located near the Cuchara River, both avid and casual fly fishers will gladly spend many a day at the beautiful fishing hole. Expect everything from lush mountain meadows, towering granite domes and thick forests, which will remain in your memory long after a trip is over.

The campground, located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, is also a must-visit for keen hikers and mountain bikers, too, as the campground provides easy access to Indian Creek Trail, which is 23-miles long.

Moraine Park Campground

Moraine Park Campground is one of five campsites situated in Rocky Mountain National Park, and it should be at the top of your list when considering the best campgrounds in Colorado.

In addition to providing campers with stunning views of nearby mountain peaks, you may also come face-to-face with various wildlife, such as:

  • Moose
  • Mountain lions
  • Black bears
  • Elk
  • Sheep

The campsite is also open throughout the year, so it’s ideal for those who want to enjoy a winter camping trip in a quiet, secluded location.

Angel of Shavano Campgrounds

If you’re visiting Denver, it might be worth hopping into a rental car and driving three hours to the beautiful Angel of Shavano campgrounds. Based inside the San Isabel National Forest, you can stay in one of 20 campsites, which are usually uncrowded due to the site’s remote location.

The scenic retreat also features the tranquil 486-mile Colorado Trail, which is ideal for both mountain biking and hiking. Anglers can also enjoy a spot of fishing at the North Fork Reservoir.

Camp Dick Campsite

Are you looking for pet-friendly campgrounds in Colorado? Camp Dick is the perfect destination, as it offers plenty of land for your dogs to run. There are also many activities to occupy you during your stay in the great outdoors, as can enjoy horseback riding, biking and fishing. Plus, the surrounding water can be an ideal place for a dip on a warm summer’s day.

Pinyon Flats Campground

If you want to experience a unique camping experience in The Centennial State, don’t overlook Pinyon Flats, which is more like the Sahara Desert than the Rocky Mountains. Located in Great Sand Dunes National Park, the unusual campsite offers towering dunes instead of the snow-capped peaks so synonymous with Colorado.

However, hikers shouldn’t be deterred, as they can embark on trails through 700-foot sand waves, and you might even have an opportunity to go sandboarding. It’s one camping trip you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry.

Maroon Bells’ Campsites

Before you make up your mind for camping in Colorado, consider Maroon Bells, which are two 14,000 ft peaks that are separated by a third of a mile. Located in the Elk Mountains, the peaks are known as Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak, and they are the most photographed mountains within North America. In their shadow, you can stay in one of three campsites:

  • Silver Bar
  • Silver Bell
  • Silver Queen

Each provide campers with easy access to the wilderness and Maroon Lake. Plus, the campsites are a stone’s throw away from Aspen, so you can quickly jump into a rental car to pick up essential supplies.

Get Packing – Get Camping!

Whether you want to explore snow-covered mountains, river canyons, or arid deserts, there is no better place to do so than in the beautiful state of Colorado. Offering many campsites for casual campers, avid hikers and passionate anglers, it’s one of the best destinations in the US to explore the great outdoors.