Austin is the state capital of Texas, and with a population of over a million people, you can be rest assured that there is something to appeal to you, no matter what your likes and interests are. Austin has a thriving cultural scene that visitors from around the globe have helped to define it as a city that is known as the Live Music Capital of the World. So, whether you are a music loving traveler or someone who is just keen to experience an authentic Texas welcome, read on to find out the best things to do in Austin, TX.

South by Southwest (SXSW)

Since its beginnings in 1987, the South by Southwest festival has grown to become one of the most globally talked about Austin events. It’s a festival that celebrates all creative arts. A combination of film, interactive media and music conferences and exhibitions that attract innovators, explorers and spectators from all around the world.

If you haven’t yet experienced SXSW, you need to put it in your diary and be prepared for an eclectic mix of performance and learning that will fascinate and inspire you. March 8-17 2019 are next year’s SXSW dates, and it is wise to book ahead to confirm your place.

Austin City Limits Music Festival

Starting on October 4th and running for two consecutive weekends, the ACL Music Festival is going to be taking place at Zilker Park. With eight stages and 130 acts performing, it is Austin’s largest music festival. What makes it such a great festival is the diversity of the music, from Metallica and Hozier through to Paul McCartney, the diversity of the city is represented in musical form.

Texas State Capitol

If there is one thing that Texans are known for, it is their unreserved pride in the Lone Star State, making it a recognizable Austin attraction! It’s a breathtaking design that showcases the state’s natural resources of limestone and hardwoods which were crafted by local artisans to great effect.

Nestled within stunning landscaped grounds and parklands, the Texas State Capitol is an astounding piece of architecture that helps encapsulates all that is Texas. Take a tour to learn more about Texan history and check out the view from the dome for a new perceptive of Austin’s cityscape.

Bullock Texas State History Museum

Not far from the Texas State Capitol is the Bullock Texas State History Museum, although be warned, you will need several hours to fully absorb what this museum has to offer its visitors. Three floors are devoted to the history of Texas and covers everything from rodeos to the assassination of Kennedy. The exhibitions are ever-changing as they update artifacts and displays to engage the visitors; even if you have been before, you will not have seen what is on offer today.

Franklin Barbecue

No visit to Austin would be complete without a visit to this famed eatery. The Franklin Barbecue is the best place in town to experience Texan pulled pork. It is so popular that you will have to wait in line to be able to savor its delights, so get there early and guarantee a position and sit it out. Be prepared for a wait, but understand that Franklin Barbecue is worth every minute.

Disclaimer: Once you have tasted this brisket, standard pulled pork will never seem the same again. Nothing will ever match it. You have been warned!

Circuit of The Americas

When you have had your fill of the museums of Austin, just 18 miles outside of Austin is the Circuit of The Americas. The Circuit of the Americas is the home of Texas’ formula 1 and is one of the ideal Austin attractions for gearheads and thrill seekers alike. From November 1st to 3rd 2019, the American Grand Prix is being hosted in Austin. Make sure you arrive early to avoid the traffic so that you can make the best of this great sporting event. Buy your tickets way in advance to avoid disappointment.

When you visit Austin, you will be able to fill your itinerary with a variety of things to do in Austin, TX; however, do leave time to explore the city in a more relaxed way. You’ll come across all kinds of hidden gems that Austin has to offer such as Waterloo Records where you’ll lose hours, or you may even have the opportunity to attend an impromptu live gig by a local band that you previously hadn’t heard of before. So, what are you waiting for? Austin is calling.

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As one of the most popular destinations in the world, Barcelona has something for everyone. There are no bad times of the year to visit this cultural epicenter, and whether you’re there in the warmer or colder months, your 24-hours of exploration can be as packed as you like.

From unique and spectacular architecture to a robust and inspirational cultural scene, travelers will certainly never run out of things to do in this Spanish destination. If you only have one day in Barcelona, here are the things that you should prioritize if you want to get the most from your Barcelona vacation.

First things first

You’re going to want to fill up on breakfast, and you won’t go far wrong by picking up some churros con chocolate at La Pallaresa. Take the time to wander and explore while the streets are quieter, and remember to put aside a little time to check out the Catedral de Barcelona. From there, it’s easy to head to the world-famous street known as La Rambla. This has been called the liveliest street in the city and is the ideal route for making your way to the market.

The Mercat de Boqueria is perfect for those that fancy checking out some more of the local foods available.

For art lovers, Barcelona is rife with examples from some of the most well-known artists in the world, but Gaudi, in particular, is well represented. Once leaving the market, head to the Passeig de Gràci, where you’ll be able to have a look at the La Casa Batlló and La Casa Milà, which are absolutely unmissable for those that like their Gaudi.

Midday Plans

At this point, you might be starting to feel the ache in your feet, so it’s worth remembering that one of the best ways to get around Barcelona is by bicycle. You can rent a bike from any number of outlets, and midday is the perfect time to do so. If you’re still interested in seeing some more beautiful architecture, then you don’t want to miss seeing the biggest project that Gaudi ever tackled. It might be incomplete, but La Sagrada Familia is a stunning blend of the classical gothic with a touch of modernity. If you only have one day in Barcelona, however, you might want to miss seeing the inside, as the queues can get very long.

Time to Eat

Midday is the ideal time to grab a drink and a snack, and to rest your feet. Ideally, you want to head to Sagrades Tannine, where you can enjoy some traditional tapas with a delicious vermouth to finish your meal off. You know that this is the place to go, as it’s always packed with locals, which is always a good sign that your trip to Barcelona is on the right track.

If you’re not a fan of tapas, or you’re thinking that your proximity to the Mediterranean means you really ought to try some fresh fish, then try La Paradeta. This is a more casual environment, but you do get to pick your seafood options and watch as the amazing chefs cook it.

Lazy Afternoon

You might be starting to feel some aching in your legs, and combined with a belly full of food, it might be time to have a rest. Make your way to El Parc de la Ciutadella for some lazy chilling out on the grass, and spend an hour people-watching. There’s plenty of activity going on in this busy park, but try to avoid taking a quick siesta in the shade.

If you’re still full of energy, then avoid the park and head to the Picasso Museum. This museum has more than 4,000 works of art by the famous artist, and you could very easily spend the rest of your day just exploring his genius.

Choose your Evening

For party animals, there should be no set destination when it comes to the nightlife. Barcelona has a thriving party scene, and where you end up will depend on the kind of evening you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated and classy then you need to get to the El Born area, where there are a huge variety of cafes and bars to check out. Edgier types might prefer to experience El Raval, where younger residents tend to flock. Try one of the street vendors if you’re feeling the need to refuel, or head back to La Rambla for something more elegant (if a little more costly).

Of course, you could spend your entire Barcelona vacation just relaxing on the beautiful Mediterranean beach. However you prefer to spend your time, Barcelona will not leave you feeling like you’ve wasted your day. It truly has something for everyone. Plan your one day in Barcelona right, and you’ll get to see the major sights without the hassle of panicked rushing.

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There’s nothing quite like visiting and exploring a national park. No matter where they are in the world, they remain the last true bastions of unspoiled nature at its finest. For sheer scale and spectacle, the best national parks are truly rich in diversity of landscapes and wildlife. That’s why they remain among the most popular destinations for solo travelers and families alike.

If you’re feeling the need to touch base with planet earth, then a national park is the best (and only) choice. From mountains to deserts, forests to volcanoes, here are the best national parks in the world for you to choose from.

Everglades National Park

You don’t need to travel around the world to explore one of the most stunning national parks imaginable. The Everglades are world famous, and this national park in Florida is the ideal destination for those keen to check out the marshes and flatwoods of the region.

The wildlife is pretty spectacular as well, with the chance of spotting the endangered leatherback turtle, the Florida panther, and of course, the alligators and crocodiles that the park is known for.

Jasper National Park

If the idea of a vast wilderness gets your heart racing, then you might want to check out the Jasper National Park in Canada. The diversity of landscapes is perfect for those looking for something different, with a full range of mountains, lakes, and glaciers.

If you have the time to get really settled in your cabin or campsite, then the chances are high that you’ll get to see some of the amazing wildlife too. When that includes bighorn sheep, bears, moose, and elk, the chances are that you’re not going to be disappointed by this stunning Canadian park.

Yellowstone National Park

Any list of the best national parks in the world is going to need to include Yellowstone. World-famous for a reason, this is one of the most incredible environments in the world and needs to be seen to be believed. Truly vast and diverse, visitors can spend months there and see only a small amount of the potential sights. With an incredible roster of wildlife that have made the best national park in USA their home, you could get the chance to have a close encounter with bears, wolves, bison, and antelope — all while being treated to some of the best views on the planet.

Guilin and Lijiang River National Park

If you fancy something a little further afield, then this national park in China is unique. There’s something more tranquil about this park, and visitors can lazily boat down the rivers and explore the incredible mountain ranges, the karst caves, and the wonderful cultural sights that make this a once in a lifetime trip. As a destination that has been called a painting come to life, it’s no wonder that this remains one of the best national parks in the world.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

When you think of national parks, chances are that you think of trees, mountains, and hiking. They aren’t all like that! The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most famous and best national parks in the world, but you’d be hard pressed to pitch a tent there. There are 1,400 miles of unique wildlife, cinematic views, and enough eco-diversity to keep even the most distractible members of your group satisfied. The Great Barrier Reef is truly unique in the world. If the idea of seeing dolphins, sharks, and turtles (as well as a multitude of other species) in their natural environment makes you want to start packing your bags immediately, then this could be the destination for you.

Namib Naukluft National Park

Not everyone wants to see trees and bears. For something entirely different, the Namib Naukluft National Park in the Namib Desert is not only famous for being the oldest desert on the planet, but one of the most stunning locations too. The massive and constantly shifting sand dunes are beautiful enough, but if you’re looking for desolation and something extreme, then it’s hard to beat. Wildlife can be tricky to spot, but that’s not why people visit. They explore this national park for a sense of scale, and to appreciate nature at its most unforgiving.

National parks are a global treasure and need to be experienced. No matter your budget or what sort of vacation you’re looking for, there is a national park to suit you. Do your research and budget accordingly, and you could be reconnecting with nature and witnessing the spectacle of the natural world before you know it.

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A Paris vacation is certainly a popular choice. As one of the most culturally diverse and important cities in the world, visitors are hard-pressed to do everything that they want, even if given a month to explore. Trying to experience as much as possible if you’re limited to one day in Paris is certainly a challenge, but it is possible. The trick is to create an itinerary that covers the essentials that you want to experience.

If you have 24-hours in Paris, then this guide is the ideal starting point, although you are well-advised to tailor your visit to your own interests. Paris has such a variety of attractions and experiences that trying to do it all in one day is impossible, but smart visitors will not want to miss out on these essentials.

Early Starts

The earlier you can start to explore on your trip to Paris, the better. You should start at the Notre Dame Cathedral, but remember to get there as early as possible. Grab some freshly baked pain aux chocolates to eat on the way! The queues for Notre Dame can get very long, very quickly. Get there early, and you’ll be able to explore the interior of the world-famous cathedral and even enjoy the views alongside the gargoyles.

The Latin Quarter

After filling up on the stunning cathedral, head to the other side of the river using the Pont St Michel. This will find you wandering the beautiful St Michel itself, which has been a hub for scholarship and intellectual pursuits for hundreds of years. Check out the Sorbonne University, and if you’re a book lover, you won’t want to miss the famous English language bookshop that is simply called Shakespeare.

Take to the Water

Your legs may be getting a little weary about now, so a sit down is definitely on the agenda. Luckily, heading back across the river will mean that you can relax on a cruise boat that makes its way up the Seine and allows for a lot of sightseeing.

These tours only last an hour, which means that they give you ample opportunity to relax and simply take in the sights without taking up too much of your day. You can depart from the boat tour right next to the Eiffel Tower, just in time for lunch.

The Eiffel Tower

No trip to Paris is going to be complete with getting close to one of the most recognizable sights in the world. Don’t worry too much about getting in a queue in order to get the famous view, unless that’s something that’s on your bucket list. Instead, take a slow stroll around the Champs de Mars and the Trocadero. It’s a good idea to get some lunch at this point, but remember to take your map. Some of the roads and alleys here can result in you wandering in circles, so pick your destination and aim for it.

Some Afternoon Culture

While you could take this opportunity to head to the Champs-Elysee area, where there are luxury shopping options, for culture vultures you’re far more likely to head to the Musée d’Orsay. Here, you’ll find works of art by everyone from Monet to Degas, and you could probably spend the rest of your day here. Try not to, as you can also squeeze in a quick trip to the Louvre. This will have to be a quick trip though, and if you don’t fancy a rushed tour, then you can spend some time relaxing in the Tuileries Gardens that are nearby. Rest your legs and enjoy the former royal gardens, which are filled with ponds and elegant landscaping.

A Paris Evening

Before you head off for dinner, take some time to stroll around the Centre Georges Pompidou. This is about as contemporary as Paris gets, and visitors are highly recommended to explore the areas. If you aren’t desperate for food yet, take a break in the Centre Pompidou and take the lift to the roof. This will give you a spectacular view of the city, and the lobby itself is well worth seeing as well.

Late Nights in Paris

While you are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding somewhere to eat in Paris, you would be wise to visit Marais. This is where you’ll find the locals, with the tight passages and old-style architecture making it feel as if you could be wandering Paris a hundred years ago. Find the restaurants that appeal to your tastes, and then have another stroll to find a late night drink. This can be tricky over the weekends, but well worth the experience.

Paris is an extraordinary city, and a Paris vacation can be life-changing. If you’re limited by time, don’t try and do everything. There are a thousand and one things to do and places to see, and trying to do them all is impossible. Narrow down your favorites, and your one day in Paris could be one of the memories that last the rest of your life.

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With its sheer variety and thousands of acres of perfect skiing terrain, Utah is one of the most popular and affordable locations for skiing enthusiasts. In contrast to many ski resorts, Utah is not only more catered to budgets of all types, but it also has a range of places to stay that makes it the ideal destination for everybody that you want to hit the slopes with.

Utah skiing is easy to get to, and visitors can choose from slopes that are suitable for skiers, snowboarders, or both. If you’re surprised by the fact that the Utah mountains are a top skiing destination, then here are the top four spots that you absolutely must check out.

Park City Mountain Resort

One of the reasons why this is the first skiing destination to look at is because it used to be two separate resorts. Now, Park City Mountain Resort encompasses a massive 7,300 acres, with Park City itself nestled comfortably at the base. It may not be the largest ski resort in Utah, but it is perfect if your party has a variety of skill levels. Plus, with two bases, you’re certainly not going to run out skiing options.

Canyons Village might be the slightly better of the two base options, especially in the spring, when skiers can enjoy the slopes in the day and then concerts and other events in the evening. Of course, film buffs might prefer to stay close to Park City, where they might get swept up in the fun of the Sundance Film Festival.


This is one of the more overlooked ski resorts in Utah, which is always a surprise. Just an hour away from central Salt Lake City, and a thirty-minute drive from Ogden, Snowbasin is ideal for those looking for something a little special. Not only are the amenities absolutely first-class, but there is also a strong variety in the types of slope. This means that both beginners and experts will find a run that suits their skill level.

One of the reasons why Snowbasin is such a prime destination is the accommodation on offer. Timber lodges and heated sidewalks make this one of the more luxury resorts in Utah. It is worth bearing mind that there may be some travel required in the morning in order to get to the slopes. However, this is a minor gripe when looking at the luxury of choice, and you may be more inclined to put up with that journey when you remember that Snowbasin is one of the oldest ski resorts in America.

Powder Mountain

Just the name is enough to get some people packing their bags, and no wonder. Powder Mountain is world famous, and with over 8,000 miles of skiable terrain on offer, it remains one of the most popular skiing destinations in the US.

Some of those miles of skiing are not very accessible, and you will need to book a Snowcat Powder Safari to reach some of the more inaccessible slopes.

For those unprepared to make that journey, there remains 3,800 acres that are easily reached by ski-lift. Whether you want fast or slow slopes, cross-country terrain, or cat skiing, Powder Mountain has it all. Choose from the well-maintained closer slopes, or head off the beaten tracks for something a little wilder. You are well advised to get a Mountain Host pass if it’s your first time visiting one of the best Utah ski resorts.


Utah mountains are very popular, and some of them can get a little busy during the high season. This can put some people off, especially those that prefer to enjoy a little more peace and quiet when hitting the slopes. That’s why people are often very tight-lipped about their enjoyment of Solitude. Just as the name suggests, this is a spot that is used more by locals than tourists, making it one of the prime destinations for skiers.

Located near the end of the Big Cottonwood Valley, Solitude boasts three bowls that are spread out across a huge 1,200 acres, and has 77 ski runs to enjoy.

Primarily aimed at beginners and those with a more intermediate experience level, even the more savvy skiers can head to Solitude to enjoy the Honeycomb Canyon. One of the reasons that this is ideal for families is because not only are the skill levels spread out, the actual lifts are all located close to each other. This makes it much easier for everyone to do their own thing without the fear of losing family members. Keep an eye on this resort. It recently had new owners, and there are set to be some changes, which could elevate Solitude to more prominence in the list of best Utah ski resorts.

Utah Skiing is more popular than ever, for good reason. With something for everyone and something to suit every budget, if it’s been a while since you stepped into some skis, then Utah is certainly worth a visit. With ten resorts just one hour from Salt Lake Airport, getting to the slopes has never been easier.

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If you ever find yourself in the furthest western corner of Texas, make sure you pay a visit to El Paso. Here, you’ll find everything from deliciously spicy food (Chihuahua, Mexico stands just across the border, so there’s no surprise there) to an amazing desert, to spirited art galleries and diverse examples of American fauna and flora.

To find a number of things to do in El Paso that’ll keep the whole family entertained, read on. 

Wyler Aerial Tramway

If you find yourself wanting to view the city of El Paso from a great height, then you should head up the Wyler Aerial Tramway.

The fun will begin the second you start your incline up the great paved roads of the Franklin Mountains State Park. On the way up you’ll come across your fair share of stunning scenery, and everything will get a whole lot more scenic after you buy your ticket at the tramway station. From here you will board a gondola that will transport you up a 2,600 ft long cable — during that four-minute ride towards the top of Rangers Peak, you will see all sorts of cacti, abundant wildlife, and different types of birds. Partnered with the narration that your cabin attendant will provide for you on the ride upwards, you’ll be sure to learn something new about the natural wonders of this part of the world.

As you reach the summit of your journey, the top of the infamous Peak, you’ll be able to glance out over the whole of El Paso — your view will stretch out a whole lot further than just this one city, though, don’t you worry. Being a whopping 5,632 ft above sea level, you’ll be able to take in 7,000 sq miles worth of views. This means that you’ll also be able to see three other American states, and you’ll even see quite a bit of Mexico too!

El Paso Museum of Art

The El Paso Museum of Art plays host to a number of unique pieces of art that are renowned the world over. This means that, if you’re particularly big on the art scene, you’ll be sure to find something here that interests and stimulates you. If you’re worried about your children getting a bit bored upon a visit here, then fear no more as there a plenty of activities for them to get hands-on with within the museum — the child-friendly kite building workshop is normally a big hit with kids

Hueco Tanks State Historic Site

If you’re a bit of a historian-cum-fitness-fanatic, then you should make sure to figure the Hueco Tanks State Historic Site into your El Paso vacation plans. Here, you’ll be able to learn all about the indigenous people that trekked through this part of America for thousands of years, and you’ll be able to leave your own footprint on the area as you embark on your very own hike across the hills.

If you and your family have a particular proclivity for camping, then, depending on the time of year that you decide to visit El Paso, there may be a chance for you to settle down for the night in the Hueco Tanks State Historic Site. There are 20 different campsites to choose from, so you’d never have to worry about sleeping (too) rough. If you do decide to camp here, bear in mind the fact that there are no convenience stores to be found anywhere on this site, so you’d have to bring your own supplies with you.

Plaza Theater

As a movie buff, you want to see as many classic theaters as you can on your travels, right? In that case, when you come to decide what to do in El Paso, make sure to incorporate the Plaza Theater into your plans. Here, you’ll be able to embrace one of the city’s greatest landmarks, you’d be able to enjoy a cinematic history lesson, and you’d be able to catch a great show. If you’re a lover of great architecture, then you’re not going to want to miss the Plaza Theater’s three-tier domed tower, its Spanish mission style design, or to its mosaic floors.

With plenty to see and do in the city affectionately known as ‘The Pass,’ you should definitely throw El Paso onto your traveling bucket list. Whether you head up to the Rangers Peak or stay on the ground to enjoy a Plaza Theatre production, in this part of Texas, you’ll be sure to have the time of your life.

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The United States of America has fifty states that are as culturally varied as the geography that they cover. From the wildlife and snowy forested mountains of Alaska to the beaches and architecture of Florida, it is no surprise that the museums in the United States are varied in content and style.

According to the Institute of Museums and Libraries, in 2014 there were over 35,000 active museums in America. That’s a phenomenal number! So, rather than expecting you to visit all 35,000, here are a collection of the best museums in the US that are definitely worth a visit.

Art Museums                                                                         

Art museums give visitors the chance to connect with art in a way that viewing the piece in a book or online simply doesn’t match. It takes a matter of seconds to recognize an image, but by slowing down and studying the piece of art, you develop an understanding of what the artist wanted you to see and feel as culture and history shape how art is viewed.

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

Not only is this the largest museum in the United States, it also happens to be an iconic New York City landmark. This museum’s collection spans over 5,000 years of art and includes over 2 million works. It’s the third most visited museum in the world, and houses some of the world’s most recognizable art: Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Monet and Van Gogh to name but a few.

  • Frye Museum, Seattle

Sometimes size does not matter. What this museum lacks in size, it more than makes up with the quality and variety of its collections. It manages to combine feelings of intimacy and grandeur, and your idea that they were mutually exclusive will be challenged. The Frye Museum displays paintings and sculptures from the nineteenth century to the present day in a salon-style, which means that the paintings are hung from floor to ceiling – nearly 150 in one room!

What makes this art museum so great is that while it exhibits art from the ages, they also show art by contemporary artists; the internationally renowned alongside emerging talents. The Frye also has an extensive outreach program too, which makes art even more accessible to the public.

Natural History

You may think that natural history is limited to the exhibitions of a dinosaur museum, but natural history has the potential to be a guidebook for the future as we understand our position and impact in the natural world.

  • Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C

This is the world’s largest museum and research facility for natural history. It has over 120 million objects from whales to the human genome. The artifacts displayed bring the past to life and is sure to inspire and excite visitors. From walking through the Butterfly Pavilion to the intricacies of the Bone Hall, every aspect of the natural world is examined and shared.

  • Wyoming Dinosaur Center, Thermopolis

If you want a traditional dinosaur museum, this museum in Wyoming is the best that there is. With Stegosaurus, Triceratops and an Archaeopteryx among the specimens on display, you may wonder just why they are located in a small Wyoming town. The reason is that the area surrounding Thermopolis is one of the world’s most productive bone fields. So, for all budding paleontologists, Thermopolis needs to be on your bucket list.

Industry and Technology Museums

While not as popular with the masses as art and natural history museums, industry and technology museums have a very loyal following.

  • Greenfield Village, Michigan

Everybody is familiar with the Henry Ford story, and Greenfield Village is the museum that is devoted to celebrating American innovations. It’s a great sprawling site that houses the Rosa Park’s bus, Thomas Edison’s lab and other artifacts that are so important within American culture. You cannot fail to be inspired by this museum!

  • National Museum of the US Air Force, Ohio

This is the official museum of the United States Air Force, and it attracts over one million visitors per year. It’s the oldest and largest collection of aviation artifacts in the world and has over 360 aircraft on display – it is huge!

In the digital world that we live in, it can be easy to experience life through a screen. Visiting museums is a wonderful way to connect with the world and have an authentic life experience. The variety of museums in America is astounding, and there will be one to pique and grow your interests, research the museum for your interests and make a point of visiting it!

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When it comes to renting a car, you have a variety of vehicles to choose from. Not only do you need to consider the size and capacity of the vehicle to suit your needs, but you also have a choice between one that consumes either gasoline or diesel fuel.

Choosing between a diesel car or gas rental car is typically decided by economy and your personal preference. In times gone by, diesel cars were thought to be noisier and smellier than gas-powered cars, however, with technical innovations, this preconception is now redundant, and any differences are barely noticeable. To help guide you through the gas vs diesel debate, here are 3 areas for you to consider:

1.    How far are you planning to travel?

Before you reserve a car to hire, calculate the number of miles that you estimate that you need to travel. A diesel car tends to provide the user with a lower cost per mile than the gasoline versions of the car. This means that the car will do more miles per gallon. Diesel engines are more efficient than the gasoline engines, and so the amount of fuel that you need will be less. For longer road trips, the savings that you can make using a diesel car can be significant, although for shorter trips, the savings will not give you such an economic advantage.

2.    Type of roads

You also need to consider the type of roads that you will be using. A diesel car is best suited for highways where their engines are best suited for longer, steadier drives. This works best for maintaining the efficiency of the engine, as they rely on journeys of between thirty and fifty minutes at a relatively high speed to allow the engine’s temperature to burn off the buildup and excess of soot on the filter. Highways are the ideal roads for this to occur.

The smaller roads either in a city or town are more suited to gasoline-powered cars which will provide a more rewarding drive for the user. With quick acceleration and the need for frequent stopping and starting, a gas car is ideal (stop-start traffic can cause diesel filters to clog and not work as efficiently).

3.    The landscape

The environment that you are driving through is also something that you need to consider. If your journey is going to take you through areas that are hilly or through a tough terrain such as snow, a diesel car is more likely to be able to handle the terrain. Diesel cars have a muscular torque (the ‘shove’ that you need to accelerate), which means that while you must change gears earlier than gasoline-powered cars, they feel more solid in certain conditions, especially SUVs.

In short, the results of the gas vs diesel debate are:

Gasoline-powered cars excel for:

  • Short journeys
  • City and urban environments

A diesel car is best for:

  • Highway driving
  • Long journeys
  • Hilly or challenging landscapes

No matter which fuel type of car you choose, you must ensure that you use the correct fuel type when filling up! As a rental agency, Advantage will tell you which fuel your vehicle requires. If you are unsure, there are other ways that you can tell what type of fuel you need to use, i.e. diesel vs gas.

  1. The diesel car engine fuel tank opening has a larger diameter than that of a gas car.
  2. Diesel car engines sound ‘chunkier’ than gasoline counterparts.
  3. In a diesel car, you will need to change gear sooner than you ordinarily would expect to with a gas-powered car.
  4. The car’s fuel tanks typically have a sticker reminding you which type of fuel to use.
  5. Check the rental agreement, the fuel type will be clearly

Filling a car with the wrong type of fuel will ultimately stop the car from working and cause damage to the car, so if you have inadvertently filled-up the tank with the incorrect fuel, pull over immediately!

Advances in technology have made the distinction between gas vs diesel less clear regarding driving experience and performance. The best option for your journey, is the one that suits the driving conditions that you expect to be making during the rental period. If you are unsure about which vehicle to hire, it is wise to seek advice from the rental company, after all, the car needs to be relevant to your situation, but also suited to its technical capabilities. Always make sure that you use the right fuel to fill the car, otherwise your deliberations about whether to choose diesel vs gas will have been in vain! Whatever you decide on, have a safe trip!

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If you are looking for a way to make Christmas a little different and memorable and are tired of the same old and generic way of celebrating, Christmas in Hawaii could be the ideal solution. Swap out the gray skies and dropping temperature for sunshine and tropical weather: less dreaming of a white Christmas, and more Mele Kalikimaka!

A Hawaiian Christmas means that Santa arrives on a canoe, you can spend Christmas day in your bikini on the beach, and, as an additional bonus, you will not have to tolerate ugly Christmas sweaters – it’s just too hot! Christmas is a peak tourist time for Hawaii, so you need to plan your trip in advance.


Unlike Mexico, the Caribbean and other tropical destinations, Hawaii does not have a great number of all-inclusive hotels. You will need to reserve your accommodation as well as your flights. On the larger islands, it is a good idea to book two separate accommodation options so that you have half your stay on the east and the other half on the west of the islands. This way, you will get to experience the best of the islands and be able to explore more thoroughly!


The islands of Hawaii give the visitor a real opportunity to experience paradise. To take full advantage of your Hawaiian Christmas, you need to hire a car. While public transport in Hawaii can be reliable and inexpensive on the larger islands, it caters for commuters rather than tourists, and the routes do not make the best sites accessible without a car.

If you know the dates that you are planning to travel, you need to reserve your car as soon as you can. There are only a limited number of cars on the islands, and so cars sell out quickly especially in peak times.


Traveling during the peak season can mean that restaurants and eateries get booked up well in advance. Be sure to book any popular eateries in advance. Traditional Hawaiian food is rich and varied, and well worth exploring.

  • Poi: A thick taro root paste that is steamed or baked.
  • Laulau: Pork that is wrapped in layers of taro leaves.
  • Kalua pig: Slow roasted pork that is cooked in an underground oven (imu).
  • Poke: Similar to sashimi but rather than delicate slices, poke is served as hearty chunks.

Hawaii Christmas


The Aloha State is a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean and consists of 8 main islands, and each has a slightly different focus and culture:

  1. Niihau
  2. Kauai
  3. Oahu
  4. Maui
  5. Molokai
  6. Lanai
  7. Kahoolawe
  8. Big Island of Hawaii

The islands of Hawaii are famed for their rugged landscapes, tropical foliage and iconic beaches. What’s more, your idyllic days on the beach can be interspersed with trips to the WWII memorials at Pearl Harbor. There are also many smaller uninhabited islands, islets and rocks between these larger islands, some of them are just too small to appear on maps and others are only visible at low tide. So which island should you visit? Here are 4 of the most popular and accessible islands for tourists


This is the only Hawaiian island with a city. It is home to Pearl Harbor, the world-renowned Bonzai Pipeline, the volcanic tuff Diamond Head, and more. The most culture and history is found on this island, so it makes it a popular choice for tourists.


Maui also has great shopping and dining, but is best loved for its beaches, excellent snorkeling and its whales watching in winter. The island is home to Haleakala, the large dormant volcano and also lush jungles. Unlike some of the islands, Maui has accommodation right on the beachside.


Kauai is the oldest of the islands and most recognizable from television. With its sheer cliffs of the Waimea Canyon, Na Pali Coast and North Shore, Kauai really is an undeveloped rural idyll. Be warned, though, that the roads don’t go all the way around the island, so you’ll need to hike or canoe to the best beaches.

Big Island

The Big Island of Hawaii has the most varied climate and geography. It is the youngest of the islands and has both lush jungle and bare lava fields due to the volcano being active. You really do need to spend half of your time on one side of this island, and the rest on the other. The west side is the sunny Kohala Coast, and the east is the wetter, volcano side.

Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit at any time of year, but especially so at Christmas. The people of Hawaii are famed for their hospitality and welcome to visitors, so what are you waiting for? Make next Christmas a Mele Kalikimaka.

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Diesel vs. Gas



When it comes to picking the right rental car for you and your family to use on your next vacation, it really does only ever come down to standard vs. intermediate cars. Depending on what you’re going to use the car for, how much space you’re going to need on your travels, and how long you want to keep a hold of the vehicle, you have to choose carefully between these two types of rental options.

To find out more about both standard and intermediate rental cars and to see which one suits your traveling needs the best, check out the information found below.

The size differences between the cars

The deciding factor in any standard vs. intermediate rental cars argument is always going to be size.

Rental vehicles come in different size classifications, but their billed and titled size always differs depending on the company that is renting them out. For instance, small vehicles, ones that can fit four to five people and have little trunk space, are often referred to in a number of different ways — they can be known as a sub-compact or economic cars. For this reason, it’s not always easy to decipher how big your vehicle is going to be, regardless of whether you paid for a standard vehicle or an intermediate vehicle.

In this instance, all you can do is go off the general size rulings. Generally, standard cars are larger than their intermediate contemporaries, meaning they are much more suitable for longer journeys. They have more room for passengers and come with more trunk space. This means that, if you’re heading out on an extensively long road trip, it’s probably best to go standard rather than intermediate.

How both cars feel to drive

As stated, standard cars are usually much bigger than intermediate ones. This means that both rental types come factory-made with very different capabilities. It is important to mention that this means that they both feel incredibly different to drive.

Although standard cars do not fall into full-size car territory, and they are certainly not SUVs, they do still carry a bit of timber. This means that there is a difference in the way they drive when compared to their intermediate cousins, and this also means that you have to be mindful of the size of the vehicle you are using every time you get behind a standard wheel. If you’re not used to driving bigger vehicles, one piece of advice is to reverse into parking spaces whenever you can.

If you’re looking for a swifter, somewhat cooler driver, then you should seriously consider going down the intermediate route. By doing so, you will be able to maneuver your vehicle far better than you would if you drove a standard car, as your motor would be far slicker.

Cars commonly found in both categories

A number of different vehicles can be found in both the standard and intermediate rental car categories. In the standard category, typically, there can be found the following: Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Insignia, Volkswagen Passat, Citroen C5, Peugeot 508, Renault Laguna, Ford C-Max, and the Kia Sportage. In the intermediate category: Hyundai Elantra, Chevrolet Cruze, Skoda Octavia, BMW 1 Series, Seat Toledo, Nissan Santra, and Fiat 500X.

If you’re big on your cars, then just by seeing those lists you will be able to tell what can be expected from both rental categories. Simply, if you value substance over style then go for standard, if you value style over substance then go for intermediate.

Additional rental advice

Regardless of what rental route you go down, there are certain things that you need to do to ensure that you don’t end up with the wrong vehicle for you. Aside from taking the advice above to ensure that you get the right type of car, you should also make sure to look up the model of the exact vehicle that you are being offered. Doing this will afford you the opportunity to be able to learn about your car’s capabilities before you commit to it, meaning you can avoid paying for something that you cannot use.

Whenever you seek to travel, you will typically be bombarded with a host of different decisions. Where should you travel to? How much is the flight going to cost? Which type of car is best to hire? After scouring through all of the information above, hopefully, that last question will now be a bit easier for you with thanks to this comparison of standard vs. intermediate rental cars.

It’s up to you to process what you’ve come across in this article regarding the differences between standard and intermediate cars, and it’s up to you to now decide which is the best course of action to take with your rental choices.

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