If you are looking for a way to make Christmas a little different and memorable and are tired of the same old and generic way of celebrating, Christmas in Hawaii could be the ideal solution. Swap out the gray skies and dropping temperature for sunshine and tropical weather: less dreaming of a white Christmas, and more Mele Kalikimaka!

A Hawaiian Christmas means that Santa arrives on a canoe, you can spend Christmas day in your bikini on the beach, and, as an additional bonus, you will not have to tolerate ugly Christmas sweaters – it’s just too hot! Christmas is a peak tourist time for Hawaii, so you need to plan your trip in advance.


Unlike Mexico, the Caribbean and other tropical destinations, Hawaii does not have a great number of all-inclusive hotels. You will need to reserve your accommodation as well as your flights. On the larger islands, it is a good idea to book two separate accommodation options so that you have half your stay on the east and the other half on the west of the islands. This way, you will get to experience the best of the islands and be able to explore more thoroughly!


The islands of Hawaii give the visitor a real opportunity to experience paradise. To take full advantage of your Hawaiian Christmas, you need to hire a car. While public transport in Hawaii can be reliable and inexpensive on the larger islands, it caters for commuters rather than tourists, and the routes do not make the best sites accessible without a car.

If you know the dates that you are planning to travel, you need to reserve your car as soon as you can. There are only a limited number of cars on the islands, and so cars sell out quickly especially in peak times.


Traveling during the peak season can mean that restaurants and eateries get booked up well in advance. Be sure to book any popular eateries in advance. Traditional Hawaiian food is rich and varied, and well worth exploring.

  • Poi: A thick taro root paste that is steamed or baked.
  • Laulau: Pork that is wrapped in layers of taro leaves.
  • Kalua pig: Slow roasted pork that is cooked in an underground oven (imu).
  • Poke: Similar to sashimi but rather than delicate slices, poke is served as hearty chunks.

Hawaii Christmas


The Aloha State is a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean and consists of 8 main islands, and each has a slightly different focus and culture:

  1. Niihau
  2. Kauai
  3. Oahu
  4. Maui
  5. Molokai
  6. Lanai
  7. Kahoolawe
  8. Big Island of Hawaii

The islands of Hawaii are famed for their rugged landscapes, tropical foliage and iconic beaches. What’s more, your idyllic days on the beach can be interspersed with trips to the WWII memorials at Pearl Harbor. There are also many smaller uninhabited islands, islets and rocks between these larger islands, some of them are just too small to appear on maps and others are only visible at low tide. So which island should you visit? Here are 4 of the most popular and accessible islands for tourists


This is the only Hawaiian island with a city. It is home to Pearl Harbor, the world-renowned Bonzai Pipeline, the volcanic tuff Diamond Head, and more. The most culture and history is found on this island, so it makes it a popular choice for tourists.


Maui also has great shopping and dining, but is best loved for its beaches, excellent snorkeling and its whales watching in winter. The island is home to Haleakala, the large dormant volcano and also lush jungles. Unlike some of the islands, Maui has accommodation right on the beachside.


Kauai is the oldest of the islands and most recognizable from television. With its sheer cliffs of the Waimea Canyon, Na Pali Coast and North Shore, Kauai really is an undeveloped rural idyll. Be warned, though, that the roads don’t go all the way around the island, so you’ll need to hike or canoe to the best beaches.

Big Island

The Big Island of Hawaii has the most varied climate and geography. It is the youngest of the islands and has both lush jungle and bare lava fields due to the volcano being active. You really do need to spend half of your time on one side of this island, and the rest on the other. The west side is the sunny Kohala Coast, and the east is the wetter, volcano side.

Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit at any time of year, but especially so at Christmas. The people of Hawaii are famed for their hospitality and welcome to visitors, so what are you waiting for? Make next Christmas a Mele Kalikimaka.


When it comes to picking the right rental car for you and your family to use on your next vacation, it really does only ever come down to standard vs. intermediate cars. Depending on what you’re going to use the car for, how much space you’re going to need on your travels, and how long you want to keep a hold of the vehicle, you have to choose carefully between these two types of rental options.

To find out more about both standard and intermediate rental cars and to see which one suits your traveling needs the best, check out the information found below.

The size differences between the cars

The deciding factor in any standard vs. intermediate rental cars argument is always going to be size.

Rental vehicles come in different size classifications, but their billed and titled size always differs depending on the company that is renting them out. For instance, small vehicles, ones that can fit four to five people and have little trunk space, are often referred to in a number of different ways — they can be known as a sub-compact or economic cars. For this reason, it’s not always easy to decipher how big your vehicle is going to be, regardless of whether you paid for a standard vehicle or an intermediate vehicle.

In this instance, all you can do is go off the general size rulings. Generally, standard cars are larger than their intermediate contemporaries, meaning they are much more suitable for longer journeys. They have more room for passengers and come with more trunk space. This means that, if you’re heading out on an extensively long road trip, it’s probably best to go standard rather than intermediate.

How both cars feel to drive

As stated, standard cars are usually much bigger than intermediate ones. This means that both rental types come factory-made with very different capabilities. It is important to mention that this means that they both feel incredibly different to drive.

Although standard cars do not fall into full-size car territory, and they are certainly not SUVs, they do still carry a bit of timber. This means that there is a difference in the way they drive when compared to their intermediate cousins, and this also means that you have to be mindful of the size of the vehicle you are using every time you get behind a standard wheel. If you’re not used to driving bigger vehicles, one piece of advice is to reverse into parking spaces whenever you can.

If you’re looking for a swifter, somewhat cooler driver, then you should seriously consider going down the intermediate route. By doing so, you will be able to maneuver your vehicle far better than you would if you drove a standard car, as your motor would be far slicker.

Cars commonly found in both categories

A number of different vehicles can be found in both the standard and intermediate rental car categories. In the standard category, typically, there can be found the following: Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Insignia, Volkswagen Passat, Citroen C5, Peugeot 508, Renault Laguna, Ford C-Max, and the Kia Sportage. In the intermediate category: Hyundai Elantra, Chevrolet Cruze, Skoda Octavia, BMW 1 Series, Seat Toledo, Nissan Santra, and Fiat 500X.

If you’re big on your cars, then just by seeing those lists you will be able to tell what can be expected from both rental categories. Simply, if you value substance over style then go for standard, if you value style over substance then go for intermediate.

Additional rental advice

Regardless of what rental route you go down, there are certain things that you need to do to ensure that you don’t end up with the wrong vehicle for you. Aside from taking the advice above to ensure that you get the right type of car, you should also make sure to look up the model of the exact vehicle that you are being offered. Doing this will afford you the opportunity to be able to learn about your car’s capabilities before you commit to it, meaning you can avoid paying for something that you cannot use.

Whenever you seek to travel, you will typically be bombarded with a host of different decisions. Where should you travel to? How much is the flight going to cost? Which type of car is best to hire? After scouring through all of the information above, hopefully, that last question will now be a bit easier for you with thanks to this comparison of standard vs. intermediate rental cars.

It’s up to you to process what you’ve come across in this article regarding the differences between standard and intermediate cars, and it’s up to you to now decide which is the best course of action to take with your rental choices.

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Montreal might be smaller than your average city, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in exciting attractions, an infectious culture, and a huge amount of energy.

You can trust you will not be disappointed when booking a trip to this vibrant city, as it offers delicious food, exciting festivals, and impressive districts, which will make this vacation stand out in your mind for many years to come. Read on to find out what to do in Montreal.

Treat Yourself to Poutine

Let’s face it; you cannot visit Canada and not try poutine, which is the country’s most loved dish. While it might not look particularly appetizing at first glance, you are bound to fall in love with the flavors from your first bite. You will soon realize you have been eating fries the wrong way!

Make Your Way to Mount Royal

There is no better place to start your visit than at Mount Royal, which is accessible by car, bus, or on foot. The small mountain is also home to the Belvedere Observatory, which offers unencumbered views of downtown Montreal and the picturesque mountains from South Bank. Also, if you are an early bird, there is no better place in the city to watch the sunrise.

Take a Walk Along Saint Paul Street

Old Montreal is easily one of the most beautiful areas in the city, and you must take a walk down Saint Paul Street. If you have a little free time in your itinerary, enjoy a stroll through the street to discover many bars, restaurants, art galleries and souvenir shops. Also, as Montreal is an affordable city to both visit and live, you’ll also receive fair prices for any food, drink or items you buy.

Find the Best Dishes on a Food Tour

Food lovers should look no further than Montreal. The city is full to the brim with delicious dishes that demand to be experienced. For example, nothing is better than a smoked meat sandwich, which a classic Montreal dish. The city also has more restaurants per capita than New York City, so you will definitely want to book a food tour to try the many fantastic flavors on offer across the city.

Visit Space for Life

If you are looking for fun things to do in Montreal for all the family, Space for Life in East Montreal is certainly worth making time for during a visit to the city. It is a great place to learn about Canada’s various ecosystems. Plus, you’ll be able to meet many adorable animals and interesting insects, such as penguins, beavers, monkeys, butterflies, and ants.

See the City from Au Sommet

Au Sommet (which means “at the top”) is the second largest skyscraper in Montreal and offers unobstructed views of downtown. You will see River St. Lawrence, the Olympic Stadium, Mount Royal Mountain, and the South Shore mountains. It also offers an interactive exhibit about the city, so it is ideal for first-time visitors.

Time Your Trip for Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day takes place every year on June 24th and is a public holiday that celebrates the Quebecois culture. Montreal knows how to celebrate in style, as the city annually hosts a giant parade and street parties, which both locals and tourists can enjoy. So, if you are thinking of booking a trip to Montreal, time your trip for Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day.

Catch the Latest Exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts features a permanent collection that provides visitors with an insight into Canadian art history. However, it also offers many superb temporary exhibitions that are worth a visit. Some of the most famous artists in the world have had exhibitions at the museum, such as Warhol, Rodin, Gaultier, and Chihuly.

Fall in Love with Montreal Botanical Gardens

Montreal Botanical Gardens offers ten greenhouses that each have a specific theme and feature more than 22,000 species of flora combined. There is no better way to spend your day than passing by tranquil bonsai trees in the Japanese Garden or wandering through the vibrant outdoor rose garden.

There are also plenty of things to do for children, as they will love exploring the popular toxic plant garden. Plus, they can view more than 250,000 living and naturalized insects at the Insectarium.

Whether you love food, history, or nature, it is hard not to fall in love with Montreal, which offers plenty of fun activities and attractions for all ages.

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If you’ve long been scouring the web in search of the best Christmas vacations destinations, then scour no more. Below, there can be found a comprehensive list of the world’s most wonderful places, all of which are proven to make the most magical time of the year even more magical.

To find out where you should be heading to this festive season to make it as memorable a Christmas as you and your family have ever had, make sure to read on.

Dublin, Ireland

If you enjoy a bit of good craic at Christmas time, then Dublin is the place for you. The streets of Ireland’s capital are filled with festive cheer during the holiday season, and you won’t come across a single person who doesn’t want to have a good time. Whether you head to the various ice rinks dotted around the city, enjoy the caroling at St Patrick’s Cathedral, check out the lights on the Ha’penny Bridge, or stop for a pint of the black stuff in Temple Bar, you’ll be sure to feel the Christmas spirit when you head to Dublin.

The Emerald Isle is as about as wild a place as there is, both in regards to its party antics and its natural world — so, if you’re not a big drinker, fear not, as there is just as much to do over Christmas time in Ireland for nature lovers as there is for party lovers. Be it horse riding that you indulge in or be it a whale-watching boat trip that you hop aboard of, when you head to Ireland, you’ll never be too far away from the natural world.

Nuremberg, Germany

A visit to Nuremberg’s Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas market) will see you sprinkle a very healthy dose of magic over your festive celebrations. This market is that big the city of Nuremberg has become renowned for it — with over 180 stalls to look through, each offering different toys, trinkets, and treats, when you pay a visit here you sure won’t be bored.

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you’re looking to head to Scandinavia’s most affordable city over the holiday season, then Copenhagen should be high on your traveling bucket list. Denmark’s small and welcoming capital city becomes even more hospitable every time Christmas rolls around, and it really comes alive during the festive season. Lights and trees transform the city, particularly its Tivoli Gardens, throughout the month of December, turning it into a modern-day winter wonderland.

Rome, Italy

At its core, Christmas is about celebrating religious values and appreciating all the good that life has to offer — there is no more suitable a place on earth to celebrate and appreciate these things than in Rome, Italy. Built on a bedrock of faith and tradition, this is the perfect city to head to over Christmas time if you really want to get in touch with the true meaning of the festivities that we all take part in and cherish annually. If you head to a Midnight Mass ceremony in the city, especially, you’ll undoubtedly be sure to feel the holiday spirit coursing through your veins.

An additional bonus of heading to Rome during the winter months is that you can avoid the tourist season. Instead, you can relax, walk the streets without the usual crowds and witness a crisper, more festive Italy.

New York

All the fun can’t be had in Europe, can it? There’s also a lot of holiday spirit to be found Stateside, particularly in New York City. It probably comes as no surprise to you that the Big Apple goes big at Christmas time. When you visit New York over the holidays, you’ll be able to feast your eyes upon everything from a gargantuan-sized Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center to many different vivid shop displays.

If you ever find yourself looking for particularly magical things to do with the kids during your festive stay in New York, then fear not as you’ll have plenty of choices. You and the family could go ice skating at Central Park, you could head to Santaland at Macy’s, you could look around the various Christmas markets dotted around the city, or you could take a ride on The Ride’s Holiday Experience.

Make sure to take the above destination into serious consideration if you are struggling to decide where to go for Christmas. The festive season is a glorious time of year to see the world, be it in Europe, Australia or America. Pack your bags and experience a Christmas like no other!

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Newcastle is one of the most popular cities in the UK; it offers a varied range of cultural attractions, an extensive history, exciting food and drink scene, and some of the friendliest people in the country!

Whether you want to learn more about the city’s history, experience its popular nightlife, or sample its famous brown ale, here are some of the best things to do in Newcastle.

Visit the Angel of the North

New York has the Statue of Liberty, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, and Newcastle has the Angel of the North. You cannot visit the city and not take a selfie with this iconic English landmark, which stands proudly at 66 feet tall and is now the UK’s most famous piece of public art.

Explore Newcastle Castle

If you want to learn more about the city’s backstory, you’d be wise to visit Newcastle Castle, which dates back 2,000 years. The famous landmark also offers an insightful learning program, meaning you can find out more about the building and the city’s medieval history. It’s the perfect place to visit for an interactive learning experience.

Feel the Atmosphere at St James’ Park

Soccer fans should make their way to St James’ Park, which is the home of Newcastle United FC. You will fall in love with the city a little more after you experience the atmosphere at the stadium when fans turn out to cheer on The Magpies. The stadium has a capacity of 52,000 visitors to watch major soccer matches, and it also regularly plays host to rugby games, charity soccer events, and film and reality TV productions.

Watch the Millennium Bridge ‘Wink’

The Millennium Bridge isn’t any ordinary bridge. Not only does it allow pedestrians a safe passage from Newcastle Quayside to the Gateshead Quays, but the unique bridge tilts to allow various-sized ships to pass. It is truly a remarkable sight to witness, which is why many people can be spotted lining the river banks each day to watch it ‘wink.’

Wander Down the UK’s Best Street

The public recently voted Grey Street in Newcastle as the UK’s best street. 40% of the buildings are either Grade I or Grade II listed, which means the area is steeped in rich history. The beautiful street can be found in Grainger Town, so it’s definitely worth a wander down when in the city.

Catch a Show at Theatre Royal

If you don’t know how to what to do in Newcastle at night, why not book tickets to a show at Theatre Royal? Sir Ian McKellen once described the venue as one of his favorite theaters, so you know it is worth a visit if you want to catch a great production!

The theater also offers shows to complement every entertainment taste, as it regularly features West End musicals, drama, comedy, ballet, and family shows. The neo-classical interior reflects the theater’s extensive history, as the ancient building was built during the 1700s.

Take Your Pick of Many Historical Pubs

If you are looking for a Great British pub in Newcastle, you’ll be happy to know the north east city is filled with historical establishments that are the perfect place to grab a beer or enjoy a spirit.

For instance, The Centurion has been converted from a first-class lounge into a popular drinking hole, and the tiling in the building is believed to be worth approximately £4 million. The Bodega pub also features a long Victorian bar and Victorian stained-glass atrium domes, which will make you feel as if you have stepped inside a piece of history.

See a Different Side to the City at Jesmond Dene

If you would like to see a different side to Newcastle, visit Jesmond Dene, which offers a perfect day out for all the family during a trip. The wooded valley was acquired by the city during the 1950s and is now home to various wildlife, such as parrots, ducks, and rabbits. It also features colorful flowers and tranquil waterfalls so that you can truly connect with nature.

Learn About Newcastle’s History at the Discovery Museum

Learn more about Newcastle’s role in ship manufacturing by visiting the Discovery Museum, which pays tribute to the city’s maritime history. You cannot help but be impressed by the gigantic ship Turbinia in the museum’s atrium, which was built just a stone’s throw away from the museum in Wallsend. It also offers a Live Science Centre, which allows both adults and children to perform real experiments and experience a 4D motion ride. It’s an ideal day out for all the family.

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What to do in Cork, Ireland

What to do in Manchester

Things to do in Dublin

There is more to the Republic of Ireland than Dublin. If you want to experience the very best of this beautiful country, you should make your way to Cork, which is its second largest city after the capital.

Cork is steeped in history, as the town has survived Viking raids and was once occupied by English forces. The city’s many landmarks are also a testament to its extensive history, which are complemented with fun, contemporary attractions that will ensure you have an unforgettable trip. Take a look at the best things to do in Cork, Ireland.

Explore Old English Market

Old English Market, often referred to as City Market, is one of the biggest markets in Ireland and has been visited by locals and tourists since 1788. While the market has experienced many transformations throughout the years, it continues to delight and excite visitors with its traditional Cork produce and eclectic international foods. You can visit the Old English Market from Monday to Saturday from 8 am until 6 pm.

Fort Camden

Friendly volunteers will greet you as you arrive at Fort Camden and will be happy to share its history and even reenact some notable scenes from history. It was originally constructed in the 16th century before being rebuilt in the 1860s.

The same volunteers who greet you are also the very people who recently helped to restore the historic landmark and provide historical walks within the stone walls. You’ll love roaming underground tunnels, walking up and down stone staircases, and making your way across the moat. Your walk will also come to a perfect end once you arrive on the pier, which offers beautiful views of the harbor.

Watch a Show at Everyman Theatre

Don’t be deceived by the Everyman Theatre’s average exterior! The interior is the epitome of luxury, offering stunning reds and golds that are synonymous with the Victorian era. The historic theater is also home to varied theater productions; it features everything from classic plays and concerts to modern shows and stand-up comedy. The Everyman Theatre also regularly plays hosts to numerous international artists and theater companies, including The Royal Shakespeare Company and The Chinese State Circus.

Fota Wildlife Park

Animal lovers should make their way to Fota Wildlife Park, which is located on Cork’s Fota Island. There are many open animal enclosures, so animals can happily roam in the large spaces. Smaller animals also do not live in enclosures, meaning visitors can encounter them almost anywhere within the park.

Cork City Gaol

If you need a little inspiration regarding what to do in Cork, consider a trip to Cork City Gaol. The prison originally opened in 1824 and housed both male and female prisoners until 1923. Due to neglect, the prison deteriorated after its closure, but it was restored in 1993 and opened as a public tourist attraction for people who want to learn more about Cork’s history.

Fitzgerald Park

Located a stone’s throw away from the city center is Fitzgerald Park, which was named after Edward Fitzgerald, who once served as Lord Mayor. The tranquil park offers attractive views of the River Lee and features exquisite fountains, tree-lined walking trails, a children’s playground, and a café. There is also a small museum located inside the park, which allows visitors to learn more about the city’s history.

St Fin Barre’s Cathedral

St Fin Barre’s Cathedral is a must-visit landmark when in Cork, offering neo-gothic style architecture that was inspired by French churches. It is also home to the largest organ in Ireland and features multiple stained-glass windows. There is even an option to enjoy a guided tour of the cathedral, so visitors can learn more about the building’s hidden history.

Blarney Castle

Escape the buzz of the city by visiting Blarney Castle, which is surrounded by tranquil gardens. The historic castle also features elements that date back to the 1200s, and it is most famous for being home to the ‘stone of eloquence,’ which is thought to provide those who kiss it with the ‘gift of the gab.’

The Crawford Art Gallery

The Crawford Art Gallery is home to a wide variety of artworks, which range from classical paintings to modern video installations. Each is presented in stunning surroundings, and the exhibitions are rotated frequently, meaning each visit will be different from the last. There’s also a café on-site, so it’s the perfect place to recharge your batteries with lunch or tea and cake that’s served on vintage china.

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Manchester is widely regarded as England’s second city. It is filled with cultural attractions, colorful characters, and a fantastic culinary scene. It’s also home to two of the finest soccer teams in the world: Manchester United and Manchester City.

If you are thinking of visiting Blighty in the not-so distant future, you won’t regret taking a trip to this atmospheric city. To ensure you have an unforgettable trip, here are the best things to do in Manchester England.

Explore Manchester Art Gallery

If you want to view original works of art from the likes of Pissarro, Gainsborough, and Turner, you will want to visit the Manchester Art Gallery, which has been established in the city center since 1823.

The gallery celebrates works from both local and international artists, with many collections spanning centuries. In addition to exhibiting paintings, the gallery also houses a collection of crafts, clothing, and accessories that date back from 1600 to the present day.

Cheer on the Red Devils at Old Trafford

You cannot take a trip to Manchester and not visit Old Trafford! After all, it is the home soccer stadium of Manchester United, known as the Red Devils. The historic soccer team has played at the largest stadium in the country since 1910.

In addition to booking tickets to an upcoming game, you can also book a tour to explore the football grounds and backstage so that you can walk in the footsteps of soccer legends, such as George Best, Bobby Charlton, and even David Beckham.

Step Inside the Museum of Science and Industry

Manchester has been a pioneer in science and technology for centuries, which the city celebrates with the Museum of Science and Industry where you can enjoy many displays on transport, computing, and power.

You can also learn more about the North West city’s role in the transport industry, and you can even take a ride on a train that dates back to 1830. It’s also a fun family attraction, and you can guarantee your children will love the many virtual reality booths, games, and scientific experiments.

Book Tickets to a Show at The Royal Exchange

The Royal Exchange will ensure you’re never bored when visiting the city. This fantastic establishment produces hundreds of shows across multiple genres every year, so there is bound to be a production to suit your taste.

As the building dates back to 1921, it’s hard not to fall in love with the stunning architecture, which is worth the visit alone. It also features many cafes and restaurants within the complex, so it’s easy to grab a bite to eat or a drink before or after a show.

Take to the Slopes at Chill Factore

If you class yourself as a bit of a thrill-seeker, a trip to Chill Factore is a must when in the city. It offers the longest indoor real-snow slope in Britain, and it also features several snow sports and activities for you to try, such as snowboarding, skiing, and ice sliding. There’s even a snow play park that is suitable for all ages.

Experience the Northern Quarter

The Northern Quarter is the bohemian capital of Manchester. It offers a treasure trove of boutiques, businesses, and cafes. If you take a walk through the back streets, you will find some of the finest fashion designers and boutiques in the city.

It’s also the perfect place to pick up a cool work of art at one of the many commercial galleries dotted across the popular area. Once day turns to night, the Northern Quarter comes alive, offering cool music venues, secret speakeasies, and atmospheric jazz bars.

Fall in Love with John Ryland’s Library

John Ryland’s Library is one of the most beloved libraries in the city, and it features a breath-taking gothic-style architecture that boasts ornate archways and stunning vaulted ceilings, which are complemented by soft illumination.

Even if you’re not a book lover, it’s worth a visit for the architecture. If, however, you have an appreciation for the written word, you must pay a visit to John Ryland’s Library. It is home to many unique collections, such as medieval manuscripts, personal letters from notable figures, and early printed texts.

The Lowry

If you are unsure about what to do in Manchester England, look no further than the Lowry, which is an impressive art and entertainment venue in the Salford Quays. The building was named after L. S. Lowry, who is a respected northern painter. Here, you’ll find the largest public collection of his works, as well as artwork from other artists. The Lowry also features many cafes, bars, shops, and a theater.

If you are looking for a fun city to visit in England outside of London, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Manchester, as the city truly offers something for everyone!

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If the thought of cooking another Thanksgiving meal fills you with dread, it could be a sign that you need to go away this year, rather than staying at home! By choosing a vacation somewhere new and fun, you can simply enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

Thankfully, there are many fantastic destinations in the USA, which are ideal for coming together with family and friends. If you have yet to make plans for this national holiday, here are some superb Thanksgiving vacation spots for you to consider.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Head to Great Smoky Mountain National Park, which offers a beautiful getaway within Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Here you can take your pick from a cozy cabin to a mountain chalet. It also hosts The Great Smoky Thanksgiving Arts & Craft Show, so it’s the perfect place to treat your loved ones (or yourself!) to a unique holiday gift or two.

There are also many winter sports to try, as you can take an aerial tram to Ober Gatlinburg, which also offers nine ski trails, an ice-skating rink, and a snow tubing lane. You also don’t need to worry about cooking, either, as both Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant and The Old Mill Restaurant are known for serving up a delicious Thanksgiving feast.


If you are looking for laidback Thanksgiving vacations, Hawaii could be the perfect destination for you this year. It’s often not overcrowded with tourists during the season, and many restaurants also serve Thanksgiving meals to celebrate the holiday.

However, it’s wise to choose a dry side of the island to avoid rain, such as Wailea on Maui, Waikiki on Oahu, or Kailua-Kon on the Big Island, which often offers glorious weather. Waikiki even hosts an annual holiday parade on the Friday after Thanksgiving.


To make sure the whole family has an unforgettable time this Thanksgiving, book a trip to Orlando, Florida. As most children are out of school, you should expect the theme parks to be busy. However, the likes of Universal Studios and Disney World will also have extended hours, so it will be easier to enjoy a ride or catch a show.

Disney World also offers Thanksgiving meals, so there’s no reason to miss your annual feast, and you can expect to find many of your favorite Disney characters in various holiday-themed costumes.

New York City

Thousands of people turn out to watch the famous annual Thanksgiving Parade held in New York City every year. Rather than being one of the 50 million who watches the parade on TV, why not visit the Big Apple for yourself this year to watch it action? The whole family will enjoy the incredible floats, giant balloons, marching bands, celebrities, clowns, Broadway shows, and cheerleaders, who each make the parade so exciting.

If you don’t want to stand in the crowd, the whole family could always check in to one of the many hotels on the parade route so that you can watch the festivities from your hotel room window. However, make sure you book a Thanksgiving meal at a New York restaurant in advance to avoid disappointment.


If you’re not afraid of a little cold weather, Chicago is the place to be this Thanksgiving. The seasonal festivities will commence on the Wednesday night, as the mayor will light the official Christmas tree. The three-hour Thanksgiving Day Parade will also start the next morning, which is one of the biggest of its kind in America.

As the parade will start on State Street at 8 am, it’s advisable to turn up early to secure a great view of the performance groups, giant balloons, equestrian units, dance troops, drum lines, national and local celebrities, and marching bands. Plus, if you head to Millennium Park, you can enjoy a spot of ice-skating or caroling for free.

New Orleans

New Orleans is world-renowned for its delicious food and a vibrant atmosphere, so you can trust they know how to celebrate Thanksgiving in style. Not only can you indulge in vignettes, crawfish, and po’ boys, but you can also enjoy the city’s Thanksgiving tradition of the turducken, which is a triple poultry dish that comprises of chicken stuffed inside a duck, which is then stuffed into a turkey. Another Thanksgiving option is deep-fried turkey, which is popular with both locals and tourists.

The food isn’t the only reason to celebrate the holiday in New Orleans this year, as the city also hosts the Bayou Classic Thanksgiving Day Parade, which starts every year at 3.30pm. Once the parade is over, your children can have their photo taken with Santa Claus.

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Ireland is famously known for its rolling green hills and friendly locals, but its lively capital of Dublin is fast catching the eyes of many travelers. With a city feel unlike any other, you can find many incredible things to do in Dublin that would fill any time from a day trip to a full-blown city getaway. When it comes to deciding what to do in Dublin, there are various options to suit any type of traveler, from those who wish to delve into a rich Irish history to those looking for an exciting, buzzing city break. In any case, having a good idea of the multitude of activities to in Dublin is needed when you are in the process of planning your trip, so it’s best to follow some key tips to help you on your way.

Tour the Guinness Storehouse

As the home of Guinness, it is rare to find any bar or pub in Dublin that doesn’t serve it! It is recommended by every local that you try a pint, but the best place to do this in is the birthplace of Guinness itself. The Guinness Storehouse puts on regular tours around its brewery, where people can chart the journey the stout goes through before it winds up in a pint glass. Of all the things to do in Dublin, this is one where you will get a true feel for Irish culture, and where you will meet many other travelers.

Have a drink at Temple Bar

Although Dublin has been modernizing over the years, it has retained some of its historic charm, which can be seen in cobbled streets and winding lanes. One place you can experience the greatest buzz in the city alongside this charm is at the iconic Temple Bar. Here, you can meet tourists and locals alike, who come together to bond and share stories of their travels over a drink. You can also listen to live music, buy quirky vintage clothing, and experience the very best of Dublin street food.

Visit Dublin Castle

If there is one part of Ireland that people are intrigued by the most, it is the abundance of castles that still grace the landscape. Ideally located is Dublin Castle, which lies in the center of the city. Though it is now the home of the Irish government, it is also a grand tourist attraction that gives a glimpse into the mysterious history of Ireland. You can book tour packages to take you around the immense structure of the building, but you can also walk through the nearby park grounds to get some of the best views of the castle

Enjoy the City Parks

Surprisingly, the glimmering parks surrounding Dublin castle are not the only green spaces in the city. If you are looking to spend a relaxing day taking in your surroundings, you should head to St. Stephen’s Garden, which takes on some beautiful orange colors in fall, and stays a vivid green throughout the summer months. Just a small way out of the city, you can also find Phoenix Park, where ancient trees and deer are scattered across the area. If you are a more serious nature lover, you can make the short drive with your rental car to the Wicklow Mountains, where mountain panoramas, challenging hikes, and fresh country air will revive you.

Stop by Dublin Bay

Arguably one of the best things about Dublin is that it is a coastal city. This means that you are never just flattered with city views, but also with those that stretch over the Irish Sea. As a hot spot that can be explored at any time of the year, you can go on coastal hikes, or relax on golden beaches. This long stretch of bay looks particularly stunning in the early hours of the morning, where sunrise is the perfect opening to any day in Dublin.

Catch the Best City Views

One feature you won’t fail to notice in Dublin is the River Liffey, which gives a distinctive historical feel to the city. Over this river, you will see the Ha’penny Bridge stretching from one side of the city to the other. At night time, you can catch some of the best views of the city, where you can see the city lights reflected in the water of the river. Though it is easy to spend hours indulging in such a view, you can enhance this stop by having an Irish coffee in one of the many cafés that run along the river banks.

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Renting a car in a foreign country

In the modern world, people rent cars for a variety of reasons. Depending on what these reasons are, it is likely that they will be stuck deciding between renting an intermediate or an economy car. Although these types of rental car may seem indistinguishable to some people, there are some key differences that can affect how positive your time with your rental car is. Often, the debate over choosing an intermediate vs economy rental car is defined by how large the budget is of the person renting, or how much size they need during the rental period. However, there are also some other important points to consider when you are in the process of making your decision, all of which shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Consider the Size

It is usually no surprise to people to discover that an economy rental car is smaller than an intermediate one. This can be considered both a positive and a negative, depending on what the purpose of your car rental may be. For example, an intermediate car is better suited to larger groups or families, as they offer more leg room and storage. If a young couple or an individual were to rent an intermediate model, they might feel as though they are paying more for space they do not need. This is why people like this tend to choose economy rental cars in their search. Usually, such cars will offer them the space they need for a better price. Yet, if you are hoping to use your rental car for a road trip or a vacation, it is almost always better to choose an intermediate sized car, as it will provide more space for your luggage, as well as more leg room during long hours on the road.

What about Comfort?

One of the biggest points of contention between economy and intermediate rental cars is their comfort levels. Usually, it is merely the size which can be the defining aspect, as comfort levels are similar. As the years progress, both economy and intermediate rental cars are beginning to add more comfort features to their cars, such as DVD players and heated seats. As with most decision-making processes, you should make your final choice based on why you are renting your car. If you need your car for small trips around town or to your local place of work, economy cars may be a better choice for individual use. This is because features like leg room won’t be compromised. There are also ways of ensuring your rental car is comfortable, even when it is small. For longer trips with larger groups, an economy car wouldn’t be an ideal choice. With hardly any space for leg room and smaller seats, it is infinitely true that an intermediate model would be your best option here.

Safety Features

As with many aspects of intermediate and economy rental cars, the safety features they boast can be indistinguishable for many people. Most models these days have basic safety features like child locks, as well as some more advanced ones such as parking sensors. When this is the case, there are a few areas which can help you decide which rental car is better in terms of safety. If you live in an area with winding roads, there is no doubt that having a smaller car will help you navigate your neighborhood with a smaller risk of crashing. However, if you have an entire family to consider when you are driving, you should rent an intermediate car to ensure the safety of everyone inside. This is because they are heavier and can stay on the road more during adverse weather conditions. Sometimes, you might be able to pay more for either type of car so that you can make use of the most advanced safety features.

Overall Costs

Economy cars are not just named so for their size. In fact, they also refer to the cost you will be paying upfront if you were to rent one. Although you will have a smaller car during the rental period, this cost-effectiveness more than makes sense if you are using it for a small group of people. With larger groups or families, the extra cost of renting an intermediate sized car is more than worth it. One other thing you should also consider is how much it will cost to run your rental car in the time you are renting it for. This will also help you reduce your impact on the environment. Economy cars are widely regarded to be much more fuel efficient than intermediate ones, as the smaller the car, the more miles to the gallon you can usually squeeze out of your dollar.

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