The majority of drivers are still driving in the same way that their driving instructor taught them. Unfortunately, this is inevitably the wrong way. For a very long time, the most common lesson given to new drivers was that your hands need to be placed in the 10 O’clock and 2 O’clock position on the wheel, as if the steering wheel were a clock. If you’re still using that method, then you’re exposing yourself to some risks that your driving instructor didn’t envisage. In fact, driving with hands on the steering wheel at ‘ten and two’ is downright dangerous, and exposes you to some serious injuries should the worst happen. This is largely down to safety improvements, and airbags, in particular, are a big factor. That’s why state transportation agencies and the AAA now recommend using the 9 and 3 O’clock position on your wheel.

The Correct Clock

While most driving organizations recommend the 9 and 3 O’clock positions now, others have suggested that the 8 and 4 O’clock positions are safer. Doing the 8 and 4 does reduce the risk of more serious airbag-related injuries in the case of collision, but it has been suggested that this does actually give a little less overall control of your vehicle. Stick to the 9 and 3 option and your vehicle handling will be noticeably better. Distance is vital. The further apart your hands are when you hold your steering wheel, the more precise you will be and the more control you will have of your vehicle. That’s why the 3 and 9 position is the ideal hand position on steering wheel designs of every kind.

Dangerously Common Habits

Drivers can pick up bad driving habits very quickly, and once you start driving in a certain way it can be very difficult to shake free of those habits. Consider how many times you have seen someone driving using just one hand. Whether you’re using your spare hand to check your phone or for playing with your sound system, driving one-handed is one of the most dangerous ways to drive. You lose control of your vehicle the second that you don’t have two hands on the wheel, and it can only take a second for an accident to happen. While most cars in the US are automatics, those with stick-shifts often prefer to drive with one hand on the stick. They think that this makes them safer and more responsive, but the fact is that you should have both hands on the steering wheel at all times, and only take your gear changing hand off the wheel when you actually need to change gears.

Holding the Inner Wheel

It might not be quite as common as those drivers with one hand on the wheel, but a surprising number of drivers still hold their steering wheel in the central hub. Some even do this using just one finger! It’s easy to see why this habit can develop. It’s a remarkably lazy way to drive, and it’s surprisingly comfortable. Of course, driving in this way is highly dangerous and gives you almost no control over your vehicle, especially in emergency situations. If you drive using the central hub then you need to rid yourself of this dangerous habit immediately, because the results will inevitably be bad.

Twelve O’clock Steering

This is a very common issue, but driving with both hands at the top of your steering wheel is no safer than driving with one hand. That’s because if you need to react quickly, then you will overreact because both hands will be doing the same thing. You lose a massive amount of precision by driving with both hands together, largely because you are losing some of your internal resistance. Not only that, but should you collide with something and your airbags deploy then your hands and arms are going to be forced directly into your face at high speeds. That will inevitably cause serious injuries that can be easily avoided by keeping your hands further apart.

Don’t assume that your driving lessons are going to mean that you know the right way to drive. Technology has changed the way that cars are designed, and no matter how long you’ve been driving in the same way, your car will respond more and be safer to drive if you rid yourself of those bad driving habits. You might have to relearn how to hold steering wheel types, but doing so will keep you much safer on the roads.

There’s nowhere on earth quite like Los Angeles. With celebrities seemingly on every corner and enough sun to satisfy everyone, LA is on more than a few bucket lists. From Rodeo Drive to Venice Beach, there’s something for everyone, and that means choosing the right airports so that you can guarantee that you see and do everything that sprawling LA has to offer.

The three big airports in Los Angeles are LAX, Ontario International, and John Wayne, and the one that you choose to travel to or from will depend on your itinerary and expectations. There are some significant differences between the three, and if you want the best vacation, then it pays to know a little bit more about what to expect.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Just west of downtown Los Angeles, LAX is a mixed bag of an airport. It’s absolutely vast, and constantly being renovated and updated. That means that it often ranks high on the lists of worst airports in America! There can be some long waits at LAX, especially when it comes to getting through security or picking up your luggage. With over 40 million visitors every year, it’s no surprise that things can get a little slow. However, it’s close to some of the most popular sights, with Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Santa Monica all close by. It can certainly be a bit of a chore making your way from terminal to terminal, so you should really try and avoid LAX for connection flights.

Food is an issue as well, but there are some basic fast food options if you get desperate while waiting. LAX is one of the more convenient airports near Los Angeles for getting to where you need to go, but it’s far from a delightful place to spend too much time.

Ontario International Airport (ONT)

Just to the east of LA is Ontario international. Located in San Bernardino County, it’s definitely better to fly here if your itinerary includes the National Forest. You definitely want to make sure that you have a car rental ready and waiting for you because transport out of ONT can be a bit of a nightmare, with public transport amazingly inefficient.

However, being smaller than LAX comes with some real advantages. If you’re a racing fan, then it’s the perfect airport to land in if you want to get close to the NASCAR and Indy Car Races that happen on a regular basis. However, if you’re planning a trip to Disneyland then you’ve got some distance to go in the notoriously bad traffic, and the 35-mile trip will take a lot longer than you expect. Overall, this should only be an option to consider if you have managed to find a bargain flight through one of the smaller low-fare airlines that fly into ONT.

John Wayne Airport (SNA)

If you can’t wait to hit the ground running, then SNA is an excellent little airport to fly into. It backs up right onto the freeway, so getting away from the airport is an absolute dream, and far easier than LAX or ONT. In fact, if it comes down to LAX vs SNA airports, then the only real dividing decision that you have to make is how close to the tourist attractions you want to be. LAX is certainly closer to some of the theme parks, but being based in Orange County means that travelers have easy access to Disneyland, and can even make use of the dedicated shuttle services (although these aren’t cheap and the journey can take a while).

Chances are that you won’t get to do much in the way of celebrity spotting at SNA, although you might end up seeing some C-listers from The Hills. International flights can be very limited, so unless Mexico or Canada is on your itinerary, then you might be better off with LAX or ONT. Despite this, John Wayne Airport is great for those travelers heading to Costa Mesa or Newport Beach, and SNA is certainly a more relaxed and pleasant place to land in than both LAX and ONT.

If you do get stuck in one of the three terminals, you aren’t going to be as uncomfortable as you would be in LAX. The terminals are quite beautiful, and they are all connected for easy movement. They are also decorated with some gorgeous artworks by local artists, and even your WiFi is free. If you do land in John Wayne Airport, then take the time to take a selfie next to the iconic statue of the airport’s namesake, which you’ll find near the baggage check line.

Whether you’re heading to LA to find fame and fortune, or you simply want to spend a fortnight exploring the House of Mouse, you aren’t going to be disappointed by Los Angeles. Choose the airports in Los Angeles that get you closest to where you need to be, and you’ll have a much faster start to your LA adventures.

When you’re getting ready for a road trip in the summer, you should be sure you and your car are both ready for anything and everything you might encounter on the road. The warmer months are easier to deal with than the winter when it comes to weather hazards – no snow and ice will be getting in your way in most parts of the world! While it’s a pleasure to be driving under sunny skies6, there are a few things you should make sure of before you set out to make sure everything goes well.

Summer Driving Priorities

When you’re getting ready for a long trip in the summer, remember to pack for any kind of weather that may crop up. This means umbrellas and ponchos – a summer thunderstorm can dampen your vacation plans if you’re not ready. You should also carry all the gear you need, like mobile device chargers. If you’re navigating on your smartphone, you can’t take chances with a low battery.

If you’re traveling with kids, you should be certain you have the right size and style of child seats for your little ones. Installing these seats right is an absolute must before you get going. It’s also important to check the AC. If you’re driving with kids or elderly passengers, it’s especially essential to get the climate control right. Checking your tires is another major priority: Tires should be fresh rather than worn down, and inflated to the right pressure.

Rent a Car and Be Sure

One way to help your summer road trip go right is to rent a car. Advantage’s fleets of nearly new vehicles are available in every shape and size to accommodate your trip. Wherever you’re going, a well-equipped rental car will get you there in style this summer.

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There are some basic differences when it comes to looking at American and European rental cars. Trying to work out just what makes them so different feels a bit like comparing oranges and apples! They might be the same kind of transport, but there are some massive differences when you look a little closer. That’s partly due to the car culture that has grown to become such a huge element of the US persona, while European countries view their vehicles as nothing more than a tool to get around with. That has lead to some fundamental differences in design and building, and some of those differences are quite radical.

Size Matters

European roads are noticeably smaller than those in the US, so it’s no real surprise to find that cars in the States are going to be bigger than their European counterparts. It’s not just down to road size either. The whole ‘bigger is better’ mentality that runs like a thread through American culture is never more obvious than when looking at transportation! However, many people seem to think that European roads have a size limit when it comes to their cars, but that’s not true. It doesn’t mean that you’re likely to see large Cadillacs and massive SUVs everywhere, but they aren’t illegal. The reason that larger vehicles aren’t quite as popular in Europe as they are in the US is that cities in America were designed with cars in mind, whereas European cities grew far more organically, leading to narrow, winding roads and cramped urban driving. They can be very difficult to navigate in a large car!

Looks are Everything

When it comes to aesthetics, there’s a very clear divide when comparing American vs European cars. Cars in the US are built to last, and they are renowned for being tough and durable. European cars, while still long-lasting as a rule, tend to have much more thought given to the overall design. That’s why they always tend to look a little sleeker than their American counterparts. It’s all about the personality difference, with Europeans just as likely to choose a car that looks good on the driveway as it does on the road. Americans want their vehicles to be practical and extremely long-lasting. Car culture in the States is very different to that of Europe, and that’s nowhere more obvious than when looking at the popular designs of both.

Control and Handling

There’s not much difference when you look at the handling of European cars vs American cars. There are some slight differences though, and they can make a surprising amount of difference if you start driving a type that you’re not used to. European cars tend to be designed for much faster speeds, thanks to the speed laws that are much more forgiving in Europe (some motorways even let you go up to 150mph). Those higher speeds mean that European cars have to able to handle well when driving fast. That’s not to say that American cars handle poorly, but that they don’t handle as well when your foot is pressed down as hard as it can go.

Gears and Sticks

If you’ve got an American car, then chances are that it’s an automatic. This is by far the most common gear system in the States, but Europeans consider automatic cars a bit like cheating. They are available, but stick-shift cars are the norm. It used to be that America was the same, but over the years there has been a steady transition to automatic. There are still American cars that come with a stick-shift, and there are always going to be drivers that prefer it over the far easier automatic option. If you haven’t driven a car with a stick-shift before, then you really don’t want to try it for the first time without some lessons, as the change can be very challenging.

Fuel Efficiency

It’s all about the price of gas for any driver, and Europeans have to pay considerably more for theirs. That means that their cars have been designed with maximum fuel efficiency in mind so that they can get more miles to the gallon. When it’s so expensive to pump your car full of gas, you want to avoid doing it as much as possible. American cars are notoriously thirsty, and their engines tend to be larger and more demanding too, especially when you look at things like V8s. The change to diesel cars is going a lot faster in Europe than America, and that too is down to the insane gas prices that they are forced to pay.

Cars vary all over the world, and they are surprisingly representative of the personality of a nation. Just as Japanese cars are different from those in Europe, American cars have a uniquely American design that makes them perfectly suited to traversing the country at your own pace and in total control.

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You might think that racing through Tampa is essential if you’re heading from Orlando to the Gulf Coast, but don’t be so hasty. Tampa is an attraction in itself, and you can spend plenty of time there without running out of activities, adventures, and sights. Modern developments have transformed the city, and those improvements only add to the reasons that you should make Tampa a destination to seek out.

Whether it’s a family trip, a solo adventure, or a romantic getaway, there are so many fun things to do in Tampa that you’re going to be spoiled for choice. No matter what time of year you visit, here are just a few of the many delights that Tampa has to offer. You might find that even a month spent on this lush destination isn’t going to be long enough.

Busch Gardens

Florida has more than a few theme parks, but Busch Gardens is an amusement park that is world renowned. It’s owned by Seaworld Entertainment, and that means that there is a massive variety of activities and spectacles in Busch Gardens to enjoy. Not only can you spend many hours enjoying the Serengeti Safari or the Guided Adventure Tours, but there are a huge number of live entertainment options as well. With plenty of themed rides and attractions that are targeted straight at the younger members of your group, you can easily spend an entire weekend in Busch Gardens.

The Tampa Museum of Art

Don’t be fooled by the brutalist architecture of the building; the Tampa Museum of Art is one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Tampa. It houses some truly stunning artworks, ranging from mind-boggling antiquities to more contemporary offerings that will surely delight. This is a truly creative space, so if you’re looking for a little artistic or creative inspiration, then you’re definitely heading to the right place. It’s always a good idea to check the museum’s calendar as they frequently offer a number of educational programs, workshops, and even lectures that vary from academic right down to children-focused. The fact that the building is located right next to the Hillsborough River is just the perfect finishing touch.

The Tampa Riverwalk

Speaking of the Hillsborough River, the Tampa Riverwalk is certainly something to visit while you’re there. For couples, it couldn’t be more romantic, and holding hands as you take a slow stroll down the pedestrian pathways is hard to beat. Keep following the walk and you’ll eventually reach downtown Tampa, where the waterfront and public parks are the perfect place just to sit back and relax. This is also where you’ll find some of the best restaurants in Tampa, so it pays to take your time. If you feel like spending the day on the Tampa Riverwalk, you can take some detours to the Florida Aquarium, Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park, and the American Victory Ship — all of which are close enough to justify an excursion.

Big Cat Rescue

Everyone loves big cats, which is why the animal sanctuary in Citrus Park is so popular. Big Cat Rescue was established primarily to tackle the devastating private trade in exotic felines, but their ongoing efforts have resulted in a fantastic place to explore and learn more about big cats. They also offer guided tours that are both fun and informative – especially those that take place around feeding time. Big Cat Rescue is home to over 100 felines, but the highlights are undoubtedly the tigers and mountain lions.

Not a Clue Adventures

Not a Clue Adventures really does have something for everyone. Owned and run by Jeanene Arrington, visitors get to experience some amazing outdoor activities. Camping, kayaking, hiking, and fishing are all on the agenda, and all are guided and run by Jeanene herself. You don’t even need to pack any of your own equipment, as everything is provided for you. You could choose from a fully catered camping trip with your entire family, or simply enjoy the miles and miles of peaceful kayaking. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, they also offer birdwatching trips, survival courses, and horse riding lessons. An exhausting trip for some, but certainly one of the most fun things to do in Tampa.

Don’t make the mistake of just driving through Tampa. There’s plenty of activities, adventures, attractions, and excursions to take advantage of on your trip. You might find so much to do in Tampa that you start planning your next visit before your first is even over.

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Rental cars are a necessity for many people and serve multiple purposes. They provide a need for people who can’t afford a car or choose not to own a vehicle yet need to use one from time to time. As a result, rental cars have come to save the day, and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

With that being said, when it comes time to rent a car, there are so many different options to choose from. Aside from being able to select the brand, year, and model of a car, you can also choose one that is environmentally friendly too.

Another option you will find is getting a compact vs. standard rental. If you don’t know the difference between the two, continue reading below. 

What is a Standard Rental Car?

Before the difference between two cars can be established, you should first know what each one is individually. With that being said, starting with a standard car, it’s essentially a larger medium-sized car and is more comfortable for longer journeys.

A standard rental car is usually a great choice as it has enough space for luggage depending on how much you intend on carrying. Also, they have good gas mileage which is ideal for your average driver. A perfect example of the standard car is the Hyundai Sonata.

What’s a Compact Rental Car?

Moving onto what a compact rental car is, it’s essentially a smaller medium-sized car. While it does seat 5 passengers and can be used for longer trips, it is more ideal for one to four people on shorter trips.

Regarding the capacity of a compact rental, it can have anywhere between 12-14 cubic feet of luggage space. What can be so attractive about this car is that as a result of the space and gas mileage, you’re able to get decent value for money.

What’s the Difference?

Now that you have an understanding of what each car is, it’s time to look at the difference between a compact vs standard car. As noted above, the primary difference would be in the size and capacity of both cars.

Standard and compact cars are relatively affordable to rent, but the standard has noticeably more space than a compact car does. With that being said, the differences between the two will determine which is most suitable for the person renting it.

Which is Best for You?

To determine whether you should get a standard or compact car, think about what you’ll be using it for. Ask yourself questions such as how many people will be riding in the car with you, how much luggage space you’re going to need, as well as how much time you’ll be spending in the car. The answer to these questions will give you a better answer regarding which type of car you should get in the end.

It is also important to note that both cars are fuel efficient seeing as that’s a significant concern and expense for people who will be driving any type of rental car these days.

How to Cut Costs

In case you have intentions of renting a car soon, there are some tips that could help you save money. Keep reading if you want to see a couple that you could keep in mind moving forward.

  • Prepaid Rentals: Many rental companies offer special discounts for prepaid rentals, and they are a great way to save a little extra money on your trip.
  • Pay Attention to Cancellation Fees: While a prepaid reservation can usually be re-booked without penalty, a complete cancellation may incur a cancellation fee. So if you are thinking about prepaying for a trip that you might need to cancel, be mindful of potential cancellation fees – you should be able to find these in the terms and conditions of the rental or the location policies for your pickup location.
  • Rent For Longer Periods: Another quick tip for saving would be to rent the car for longer if you need it. Although renting for a few days will still work out cheaper than renting for a week, in the grand scheme of things, the longer you rent, the more you save.
  • Use a Credit Card that Covers Insurance: At times, it isn’t the price of the rental that is expensive, but it’s the optional rental insurance. For this reason, to save on your rental, check to see whether any of your credit cards offer primary coverage as part of their perks. Your auto insurance policy might cover car rentals as well.

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Whenever you’re landing in a new city for a business trip or vacation, it pays to have a rental car ready to go. If you want to take a road trip but either don’t own a car or don’t think your ride can handle the journey, renting is a top option. When your car breaks down, a rental can save your day, week or month.

There are many reasons to rent a car, but the process itself is always just about the same. Getting familiar with the basics before you want – or need – to get a rental car can help you get through the steps easily and smoothly, with no hassle.

The Essentials

Do you have to be 25 to rent a car? This is an oft-repeated question, and the answer will differ by state and rental provider. As USA Today noted, all licensed drivers aged 18 and older can rent cars in New York and Michigan. In other states, the rental agencies set the ages they will and won’t rent to. Drivers under the age of 25 may be subject to extra costs and charges when they’re allowed to rent. With that said, 25 is hardly the strict cut-off it is sometimes presented as.

Another age-related question is the maximum age range for rentals – some counties limit older drivers from renting cars, so USA Today recommends checking with your rental organization if you’re 70 or over to make sure you’re in line with the local law.

What about the fuel cost? When it comes to gassing your car up, you’ll likely have options based on which provider you’re renting from. In some models, you can pay a flat rate and return the car with as much or as little gas as you have left, and fueling up on the road is at your discretion. In other versions, it’s part of your agreement to fill up the tank before returning the car.

Where are you going to drop the car off? When you’re dealing with a chain of rental services, you can often bring the car to a different location, a perfect option for a one-way road trip. There are typically fees associated with this option, though.

Other options you may encounter include toll payment and optional equipment. Your rental agency may offer a variety of services when it comes to how you pay tolls on the road, while optional equipment can range from car seats to ski racks and winter tires – check with your rental provider to see what’s available.

Overseas Considerations

When you’re renting outside of your home country, there are a few extra facts to check on beforehand. Does your insurance cover overseas rentals? Are you familiar with the signage and the rules of the road where you’re going? Are the age rental rules more or less strict in your destination? You may also need a $20 license called an International Driving Permit, though this has fallen somewhat out of favor in recent years. It’s something to check on before you take off.

Charges and payment options

The rules and regulations around car rentals – and the fees related to renting – tend to differ from state to state. One such charge may come if you don’t want to be the only driver on a trip. Consumer Affairs explained that having an additional driver for your rented car is allowed if those individuals are listed as possible drivers on the rental agreement, but there can be small charges for each extra person. Depending on the state, your spouse may be able to drive the car with no extra paperwork, as long as he or she is a licensed driver who is 18 or older.

There are four kinds of insurance and liability coverage that typically come with car rentals including collision damage, liability protection, personal accident insurance and personal effects coverage. These are all optional, and they act as additional and supplemental coverage options. Your auto insurance provides some level of coverage. Consumer Affairs noted you can check with your insurance provider and credit card provider before you begin a journey to see which kinds of liability you are protected against without purchasing additional insurance.

Providers’ bonuses

If you need to rent cars frequently, for instance if your work brings you to new cities every few weeks or months, it can pay to investigate repeat-customer discounts and loyalty programs. These systems can give you all sorts of advantageous bonuses, such as vehicle class upgrades or free rental days, just for sticking with one business over time. When you find a rental partner you like and trust, sticking with that car rental company may prove valuable.

In today’s tech-saturated world, it’s likely you’ll get info about your rental car through your phone. Some rental partners make this process easy by offering specialized mobile apps like the Advantage Rent A Car mobile app. When you’re using an app to facilitate your rental, you get quick and accurate information about rental vehicle options and your reservation. This makes the whole rental process quicker and easier than before.

Now that you know what to expect, rent with confidence!

Advantage, with locations and affiliates around the world, can be your go-to partner for international car rental.

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Traveling is something that people wish for, and others make their reality. While some happen to travel frequently as a result of business or work commitments, others do so for leisure reasons. Whatever the case may be for you, part of the joy in traveling is the journey from start to finish.

However, some people find that the journey to their destination can be the most unappealing part of the trip. One reason could be because of their airport experience. Here is a comparison of two Dallas airports. Hopefully, if you’re able to choose the right airport for your travels, you can significantly improve your overall experience. 

Why Do Airports Matter?  

Thanks to airports, you’re able to transition from one city or country to another quickly and relatively easily. The efficiency of any airport is important as it could either make your trip blissful or a nightmare. There are several factors you want to explore when choosing an airport such as where it’s located, how quickly you get through security, as well as how reliable flights that depart from that airport are.

It has even been found that the six factors airports are ranked on include terminals, ease of access, security check, baggage claim, check-in, retail, as well as food and beverage. On that note, find below a few factors that will be used to compare airports in Dallas, DAL vs DFW.

Dallas/Fort Worth  

The first of the Dallas airports that is going to be explored is DFW. This is the main airport that serves the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex area in populous Texas. You should also know that it happens to be the largest hub for American Airlines which has its headquarters near the airport. It is also the fourth largest airport in the US meaning that it should be relatively busy.

Ease of Navigation

DFW is an international airport which means that it’s bound to be buzzing with people. It has five terminals of which each has food, restaurants, and shops. You should also know that if you want to be able to find a hotel easily, they host two in-airport locations which include the Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regency DFW. You should also note that when comparing both airports, DFW canceled 2.5 percent of flights while Love Field boasts of a 1.4 percent cancellation rate.


In terms of parking and transportation, if you’ll be driving, you have the option of parking your car by valet parking, express parking, terminal parking, or remote parking. For those who aren’t driving, there is ground transportation that’s provided for passengers which include public transport, taxis, rental cars, chartered buses, or shared rides.

Airport Experience

For some people, what they’re looking for from airports in Dallas when traveling is a great experience. This is especially true if they enjoy shopping, eating at restaurants and just being in a vibrant and busy environment. If this is you, then you would like terminal D of DFW. They have a range of sophisticated shops as well as nice restaurants to keep you entertained.

Dallas Love Field 

The second of the Dallas airports this article will look at is Dallas Love Field. It’s is a city-owned public airport that is 6 miles northwest of downtown Dallas. It may be interesting to know that up until 1974, this was Dallas’ main airport. Southwest Airlines, which you may have heard of, maintain their corporate headquarters and an operating base at this location.

Ease of Navigation

At Dallas Love Field, one of the perks of the airport is that it has been recently renovated. There are numerous places to charge your gadgets and a welcoming play area for kids. It has been designed in a way that makes it easy to navigate as well as comfortable considering the many amenities they’ve provided. The food lines can be relatively long but in response to this, they’re working on expanding their restaurant offerings. Customer service is also said to be good, which is an added bonus for people who value good customer service.


Continuing the DAL vs DFW discussion, DAL also offers short term and long-term parking. In terms of other forms of transportation like DFW, you could get airport shuttle services or take public transport. Although more expensive, there’s the option of getting a taxi too.


Seeing as the DAL has recently been remodeled, you should definitely enjoy the aesthetics of the airport. There are a range of shops and restaurants you can visit if you aren’t in a hurry or want to pick up a few gifts for loved ones.

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While there are many airlines operating between the U.K. and the rest of the world, and plenty of flight options offered by these air carriers, British Airways’ business class product is something special. The British Airways Club World packages combine high-quality premium cabins with attentive customer service and perks both in the air and at the airport.

Choosing to take a business class flight on one of British Airways’ fleet of Boeing 777s can be a luxurious way to see the world. You’ll land at your destination rested, energized and ready to ideally represent your company. The service is so impressive, you may be tempted to purchase Club World tickets when traveling for fun as well as work.

What is British Airways’ 777 business class like?

British Airways’ use of Boeing 777s is a point of pride for the airline, as it consulted with the manufacturer during the design process. It is one of the largest-volume users of the 777 in the world. The planes are used for long flights, such as those across the Atlantic, and the comfort of the cabins is one of the 777’s main attractions. While not every 777 offers first-class seats, all of BA’s craft are equipped with business-class sections.

Club World is the name BA has given to its business-class product when flights reach beyond Europe and the U.K. The route between London City and JFK Airport in New York has its own version of this travel package – Club World London City. Club World services represent the next step up from World Traveller Plus, which is the premium economy offering.

Seats in Club World convert into beds which allow passengers to get rest as they cross the Atlantic or circle the globe. There is also enhanced food service, which BA describes as using fresh, local ingredients. The airline’s bedding and food service received upgrades in late 2018, with the blanket, pillow and more designed by luxury brand The White Company.

Business-class sections in BA’s 777 planes include only 32 seats, which means every passenger receives either a window seat or an aisle seat. Some flights include Sleeper Service, where flight attendants serve a night cap, then turn down the lights and let travelers rest all night. Breakfast is served in the morning, shortly before the plane lands. Going from the U.S. to U.K. is one of the routes that offers this service.

What airport facilities cater to Club World fliers?

Business-class amenities aren’t just available in the air. Fliers will also encounter helpful facilities at airports when they fly on British Airways. Many airports include separate check-in areas for Club World fliers. In London and New York, there are also fast-tracked security gates for Club World.

The airline’s facilities within Heathrow are luxurious, with an arrivals lounge offering dining, showers and even pressing to keep clothes fresh. Business travelers even have access to skincare offerings from Elemis at London Heathrow or New York JFK. When lounges are this comfortable, with reliable Wi-Fi and enough space for all travelers to stretch out, it may be possible to log on and get some work accomplished before boarding or after disembarking.

When it comes time to load luggage, Club World travelers will be pleased to know there are high limits on baggage. Passengers can bring a cabin bag, a handbag or laptop bag and up to two larger bags in the hold. Business professionals who frequently travel between the U.S. and U.K. will have many opportunities to enjoy these helpful features, whether they take BA for their initial voyage, return flight or round trip. Other carriers such as American Airlines offer trans-Atlantic trips, too, so it may pay to search for the best option for a particular trip, which might mean mixing and matching carriers.

What else is needed for a great business trip?

A comfortable business-class flight is a first step in setting up a business trip for success, but what comes next? Getting from the airport to a final destination is another part of the equation, and this part of the voyage may depend upon the quality of rental car service available. When a traveler arrives in a new country, whether for the first time or as part of an established pattern, he or she is depending on a rental provider to have an ideal car ready at an affordable price. Without a reliable rental partner, the whole business trip may be thrown off schedule.

The need for convenience and reliability is one reason professionals should stick with trusted rental providers instead of alternatives such as ride-sharing apps. Rental services may use agreements with airports to put cars in advantageous locations, close to where passengers disembark and ready to take them to their destinations. The reliability of trusted partners like Advantage Rent A Car helps businesspeople continue their trips on schedule and ensure peace of mind for the whole duration of the trip. Transitioning a business trip from the air to the ground should be easy, making professional endeavors uncomplicated and free from added stress.

Utah is a state overflowing with natural beauty, and there are plenty of places to experience the great outdoors within its borders. The amazing canyons, peaks and valleys, connected by wide-open highways, make Utah a perfect site for a road trip. Planning a trip to this state means maximizing your time and getting the most out of your experience.

See the Mighty 5

After stepping off a plane in Salt Lake City and starting up your rental car, you have a wealth of potential adventures ahead of you. If you’re interested in seeing a variety of natural wonders, you can’t go wrong with a road trip to the Mighty 5, a group of National Parks all located in southern Utah. The following are a few defining features of each of these unforgettable attractions.

Arches National Park

Massive stone formations give Arches National Park its name and its unique identity. After driving to the trailhead, a trip of 25 minutes from the entrance and visitors center, you can hike among such breathtaking natural sights as the North Window, South Window, Turret Arch and Double Arch. You can view the amazing stones by day or watch the stars at night. The Parks Department recommends the Windows Section for visitors with only a little time to spare, as you can have an amazing experience hiking just this part of the park.

Perhaps the most iconic of the many arches in their eponymous park is the Delicate Arch. This feature stands alone, and isn’t easily visible from the road. There are two dedicated viewpoints to see the arch and a trail that leads close to it, but the parking lots can be busy at peak times, such as sunset.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is a popular spot for hiking and camping. This is a sprawling park with an 18-mile main road, but there are convenient features to see more of it. For instance, from April to October, you can park your rental car at the entrance and take a shuttle bus to various sites within the canyon. The bus is free for anyone who has paid the park’s entry fee.

Once you’re in Bryce Canyon, you can explore the rock formations called hoodoos which dot the landscape in Bryce Amphitheater, a natural bowl formation carved into the hillside. In the summer you can take a horseback ride through the canyons, and when the sun goes down you can sign up for a ranger-led full moon tour.

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park is hone to several scenic areas where you can drive from one breathtaking observation point to the next, stepping out of your car to take in the grandeur of the landscape. The Parks Service recommends the Island in the Sky mesa as a spot for sightseeing on a relatively tight schedule, and offers the helpful hint to bring a printed map, because GPS systems may give mistaken directions in the park.

If you have more time to spend and are willing to do some hiking or four-wheeling, you can make your way into the backcountry of The Needles. Other points of interest in the park include the remote Maze, a day-use exploration site in Horseshoe Canyon. You can even take two-day boating trips down the Green River and Colorado River.

Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef offers both historical and geological attractions, along with plenty of beautiful camping sites. You can view glyphs carved or painted on canyon walls to trace thousands of years of history. A farming culture, the Fremont, settled in Capitol Reef around 500 CE, and the area was home to migratory peoples even earlier.

The natural features of Capitol Reef include the Waterpocket Fold, a dip in the earth nearly 100 miles long which formed over 50 million years ago. Capitol Reef itself is one area within the fold, featuring domes and cliffs which make for amazing sightseeing.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park, the oldest such park in Utah, is another massively popular attraction for the state. As with Bryce Canyon, there is a shuttle service through the park, stopping at nine sights worth seeing along the park’s Scenic Drive. There are three campgrounds where you can spend the night in the park, though you should make reservations – otherwise the campgrounds may fill up before you get there.

There are nine trails within Zion, ranging from “easy” to “strenuous.” You can see what makes this park one of Utah’s signature attractions by taking these visually compelling paths.

The Road to Mighty

The Utah Office of Tourism would be quick to point out that there are plenty of attractions on the highways that link the five parks. These make up the so-called Road to Mighty, and they’re sure to catch your eye as you cruise through southern Utah. Cedar Breaks National Monument is one of these on-the-way stops, between Interstate 15 and Highway 89, with astounding views on all sides.

At peak time or off-season, for a few days or a month, you’ll find plenty to see in the Mighty 5.

The journey from Arches to Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport takes about seven hours or you can head to Advantage Rent A Car counter in the Salt Lake City International Airport, which is about four hours away.