Where to go for Memorial Day

Where to go for Memorial Day

Memorial Day happens to be a time when the nation celebrates the brave heroes that fought for the country. It is also a weekend that people look forward to as it’s a chance to take a break away from the hustle and bustle of life. The big question, however, can be what you should do during this break so that you get the most out of your days off. There are several options in terms of things you can do and places to go for Memorial Day. Below, you are going to find. Few ideas that could help you narrow down your options.

To the Beach

For some people, when they’re thinking about where to go for Memorial Day weekend, their perfect day would be spent lounging on a beach. If this is the case for you, the good news is that there are several to choose from. Below are some beaches that you could consider going to on that day.

  • Blue Beach, Puerto Rico: If you want to go all out, consider going to Blue Beach in Puerto Rico. This is one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, and the El Block is a great location to stay in. If you enjoy snorkeling to want to try it for the first time, then this beach is an ideal place to do so.
  • Sunset Beach, Hawaii: This destination still happens to be one of the most sought after, and their beaches are one of many reasons why. Sunset Beach especially is great for both surfing as well as snorkeling. As its name states, you can expect to experience a breathtaking sunset after a relaxing day in the sand and sun.
  • Cannon beach, Oregon: Another one of the best beaches that you’ll find is Cannon Beach in Oregon. If your idea of a Memorial Day is being somewhere quiet and serene, then this beach should be a good pick.
  • US Virgin Islands: If you want a stunning view and real getaway, then try going to the US Virgin Islands. More specifically, Trunk Bay has amazing beaches with views that you could only dream of. In terms of activities, you could snorkel or explore the many extraordinary views.

On Vacation

For those who have already decided that that want to take a Memorial Day vacation, you could decide to go to destinations anywhere around the world. Below, you’re going to find some ideas for international vacations that may help you make a final decision.

  • Costa Rica: A beautiful destination to travel to during Memorial Day weekend is Costa Rica. This is ideal if you want somewhere tropical but aren’t so keen on the beach. You’ll expect to meet over 800 miles of coastline as well as nature bike, horseback riding, and volcano hot springs.
  • Vancouver: For mountains and sea as well as city and nature, Vancouver is another ideal place to be. It is apparently one of the world’s most livable cities, and spring, as well as summer, are ideal times of the year to travel there. Some of the best things to do in Vancouver are going to the Vancouver art gallery and aquarium or exploring the Capilano Suspension Bridge.
  • Dominican Republic: For a long weekend, the Dominican Republic also makes for a good place to go. All-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana especially should be a good value for money. This is perfect for anyone who wants to spend the weekend in warm weather and immersed in white sands.

Have a Staycation

For short and sweet weekends close to home, consider Memorial Day weekend getaways within the US. There are several cities that have an immense amount of fun and relaxation to offer during Memorial Day. Here are a few that you could explore below.

  • San Francisco: As the country’s second most expensive city, San Francisco is a good place to head to for the weekend. Surprisingly, ticket prices are around $350 for a round trip which has dropped since 2017. If you decide to go, partake in the big Memorial Day celebration which takes place in the Presidio from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm.
  • Washington DC: All of the patriotic people out there may like the idea of spending the weekend in the nation’s capital. It is said to have the largest Memorial Day parade as well as the popular Jazz in the Gardens during the evenings.
  • Las Vegas: To have the time of your life during the weekend, try going to Las Vegas, also known as Sin City. You may find discounted hotel rates as well as pool parties and outstanding restaurants.