What To Do in Dublin

What do to in Dublin

Ireland is famously known for its rolling green hills and friendly locals, but its lively capital of Dublin is fast catching the eyes of many travelers. With a city feel unlike any other, you can find many incredible things to do in Dublin that would fill any time from a day trip to a full-blown city getaway. When it comes to deciding what to do in Dublin, there are various options to suit any type of traveler, from those who wish to delve into a rich Irish history to those looking for an exciting, buzzing city break. In any case, having a good idea of the multitude of activities to in Dublin is needed when you are in the process of planning your trip, so it’s best to follow some key tips to help you on your way.

Tour the Guinness Storehouse

As the home of Guinness, it is rare to find any bar or pub in Dublin that doesn’t serve it! It is recommended by every local that you try a pint, but the best place to do this in is the birthplace of Guinness itself. The Guinness Storehouse puts on regular tours around its brewery, where people can chart the journey the stout goes through before it winds up in a pint glass. Of all the things to do in Dublin, this is one where you will get a true feel for Irish culture, and where you will meet many other travelers.

Have a drink at Temple Bar

Although Dublin has been modernizing over the years, it has retained some of its historic charm, which can be seen in cobbled streets and winding lanes. One place you can experience the greatest buzz in the city alongside this charm is at the iconic Temple Bar. Here, you can meet tourists and locals alike, who come together to bond and share stories of their travels over a drink. You can also listen to live music, buy quirky vintage clothing, and experience the very best of Dublin street food.

Visit Dublin Castle

If there is one part of Ireland that people are intrigued by the most, it is the abundance of castles that still grace the landscape. Ideally located is Dublin Castle, which lies in the center of the city. Though it is now the home of the Irish government, it is also a grand tourist attraction that gives a glimpse into the mysterious history of Ireland. You can book tour packages to take you around the immense structure of the building, but you can also walk through the nearby park grounds to get some of the best views of the castle

Enjoy the City Parks

Surprisingly, the glimmering parks surrounding Dublin castle are not the only green spaces in the city. If you are looking to spend a relaxing day taking in your surroundings, you should head to St. Stephen’s Garden, which takes on some beautiful orange colors in fall, and stays a vivid green throughout the summer months. Just a small way out of the city, you can also find Phoenix Park, where ancient trees and deer are scattered across the area. If you are a more serious nature lover, you can make the short drive with your rental car to the Wicklow Mountains, where mountain panoramas, challenging hikes, and fresh country air will revive you.

Stop by Dublin Bay

Arguably one of the best things about Dublin is that it is a coastal city. This means that you are never just flattered with city views, but also with those that stretch over the Irish Sea. As a hot spot that can be explored at any time of the year, you can go on coastal hikes, or relax on golden beaches. This long stretch of bay looks particularly stunning in the early hours of the morning, where sunrise is the perfect opening to any day in Dublin.

Catch the Best City Views

One feature you won’t fail to notice in Dublin is the River Liffey, which gives a distinctive historical feel to the city. Over this river, you will see the Ha’penny Bridge stretching from one side of the city to the other. At night time, you can catch some of the best views of the city, where you can see the city lights reflected in the water of the river. Though it is easy to spend hours indulging in such a view, you can enhance this stop by having an Irish coffee in one of the many cafés that run along the river banks.

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