What to do in Charlotte

What to do in Charlotte

Charlotte, NC is one of America’s fastest growing and best places to live. With many corporations having either headquarters or hubs in the city, there’s plenty of opportunity. If you are traveling to Charlotte for the first time or are a frequent traveler to the city, here are some must-see things to experience.

Eating Out

Whether you’re there for business or pleasure, it would be criminal to miss out on the 7th Street Public Market. This is an essential must-see when it comes to Charlotte. You can try out new foods or old favorites as the market celebrates the food of the Carolinas and provides a fantastic outlet for local farmers and food providers. There’s something for everyone in the 7th Street market, and whether you’re after some new seafood to try or you’re on the lookout for some local wines, you’ll find what you need. Conveniently located and open seven days a week, make sure that you leave some time spare for some culinary exploration.

Top Attractions for Relaxation

There are three destinations that are must-visits when it comes to a visit to Charlotte. Perfect for casual meanderings and great for photo opportunities, it’s well worth the time to get your comfortable shoes on and go exploring.

  • What better place to stroll and absorb the history of our nation than at the Mint Museum Uptown? One of the highlights of Charlotte, the museum is a focal point for the local art scene and is packed with glorious architecture and some world-famous exhibits that can provide both inspiration and awe that will last long after you’ve left.
  • Being outside has proven physical and mental benefits, with fresh air and sunlight both being very conducive to creativity and inspiration. Therefore, you should consider having a stroll through Freedom Park. With a 7-acre lake at its center and enough trails, sporting spots, and events to satisfy even the most difficult to please member of your party, Freedom Park is ideal for a slow stroll in a calming environment.
  • Possibly the best option of the three top choices is the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. Beautiful and often awe-inspiring, it’s the perfect destination if you want to unwind or even impress a partner. Packed with tropical plants and orchids, the gardens are also home to some stunning works of art that can provide a focal point when it comes to taking a break from your leisurely stroll. You can even celebrate the day with some wine from the visitor store!

For Adrenaline Junkies

Your time in Charlotte isn’t all going to be about relaxing, and there’s plenty of options if you like a little adventure on your travels. The good news is that if you have some spare time, there’s plenty of adventurous things to do in Charlotte. One of the most popular attractions is the US National Whitewater Center. Not only is it a non-profit recreation center, but it’s also home to the world’s largest man-made whitewater river, meaning that you can try out some kayaking or even paddling along some rapids, or even go crazy with some zip-line fun. Mountain bikers can explore the trails, and there’s even hiking possibilities if you want to stretch your legs after a long drive.

For Families

If you’re looking for somewhere that’s both fun and educational so that the younger members of your party don’t get too bored, then you can’t go wrong with Discovery Place. As an interactive ‘playtopia,’ there’s plenty for all ages to explore, and even adults can enjoy the wide variety of exhibits or even take part in some scientific experiments yourself! Easy to get to no matter how you’re traveling, Discovery Place is one of the top destinations for new visitors to Charlotte. Make sure to arrive as early as possible to avoid the crowds and your day will be science-tastic!

No matter your reasons for visiting, you’re not going to run out of things to do in Charlotte or places to explore. With its bustling financial sector there’s a buzz of business just waiting to be done, and for those that need a break from the boardroom, there’s no end to the top restaurants and tourist attractions to choose from. Book a trip and enjoy!

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