Welcome to Advantage Expressway!

Renting a car is an easy way to have the ultimate convenience of being able to drive anywhere, at any time during a vacation. Not only do you not have to save up for the price of a new car, but you can also rent a vehicle with a program that suits your needs. With Advantage’s Expressway program, you will receive regular rewards for your rentals. Here’s a little bit more about how that process works.


With the Expressway Program, one of the main perks is that you get a complimentary reward every time you choose to rent with Advantage. It means you won’t have to carry around a points card or wait for prolonged periods of time to see a benefit. It also allows you to get free upgrades as a result of simply just choosing to use the service. Below are just a few benefits you are entitled to as a result of joining the Expressway Program:

  • Signup Bonus: As soon as you sign up, you will receive your very first reward! As of Summer 2019, your signup bonus reward could be a free day or a free basic upgrade. As a member, you will also have access to a speedy checkout line in several exclusive locations.
  • Rental Rewards: From the moment you sign up, you can start earning rewards. After each completed rental, you will receive 1 new reward. The reward you receive is generated randomly from a pool of rewards that you are eligible for depending on your tier level. From the Base tier level and onward, you will be eligible to earn free days, free basic upgrades, and free weekends.
  • Silver Tier: After 3 completed rentals, you will be automatically upgraded to the Silver tier level – netting you a bonus Pit Stop reward. With the Pit Stop applied to your rental, you can return the car with as little fuel as you like, and you will pay just $2.50 per gallon for the fuel needed to refill the tank.
  • Gold Tier: After 5 completed rentals, you will be automatically upgraded to the Gold tier level. This grants you one additional Pit Stop reward as well as access to unlimited rental perks. The three available rental perks are the free GPS, free E-Z Toll, and the free carseat. While only one of these perks could be applied per reservation, you will have the freedom to apply one of these to each and every rental.
  • Platinum Tier: After 7 completed rentals, you will be automatically upgraded to the Platinum tier level. This premier status level entitles you to a Pit Stop reward for each and every rental. Additionally, the Platinum upgrade will be added to your reward pool.

How to join

Signing up for Advantage’s Expressway Program is quick and simple. Once you are signed up, you can choose to complete your profile while indicating your preferred rental specifications. With these preferences saved, our booking engine will be able to automatically select your rental pickup location, car, and optional services during the booking process. You may also save your payment information on your profile to help make the checkout process for prepaid reservations quicker and easier.

How to upgrade

If you have a Basic or Platinum upgrade reward, you can apply to a reservation for the car class below the car class that you want to receive. While the reservation will appear to be for the smaller car, the agent at the counter will upgrade your vehicle when you arrive.

The Expressway Program for Advantage is perfect for anyone who wants the freedom to be able to drive wherever they are on vacation, but also earn rewards as they drive. Not only does this scheme reward you for being a loyal customer, but it thanks you with a bonus as soon as you enroll.