Top Ski Spots in Utah

Top Ski Spots in Utah

With its sheer variety and thousands of acres of perfect skiing terrain, Utah is one of the most popular and affordable locations for skiing enthusiasts. In contrast to many ski resorts, Utah is not only more catered to budgets of all types, but it also has a range of places to stay that makes it the ideal destination for everybody that you want to hit the slopes with.

Utah skiing is easy to get to, and visitors can choose from slopes that are suitable for skiers, snowboarders, or both. If you’re surprised by the fact that the Utah mountains are a top skiing destination, then here are the top four spots that you absolutely must check out.

Park City Mountain Resort

One of the reasons why this is the first skiing destination to look at is because it used to be two separate resorts. Now, Park City Mountain Resort encompasses a massive 7,300 acres, with Park City itself nestled comfortably at the base. It may not be the largest ski resort in Utah, but it is perfect if your party has a variety of skill levels. Plus, with two bases, you’re certainly not going to run out skiing options.

Canyons Village might be the slightly better of the two base options, especially in the spring, when skiers can enjoy the slopes in the day and then concerts and other events in the evening. Of course, film buffs might prefer to stay close to Park City, where they might get swept up in the fun of the Sundance Film Festival.


This is one of the more overlooked ski resorts in Utah, which is always a surprise. Just an hour away from central Salt Lake City, and a thirty-minute drive from Ogden, Snowbasin is ideal for those looking for something a little special. Not only are the amenities absolutely first-class, but there is also a strong variety in the types of slope. This means that both beginners and experts will find a run that suits their skill level.

One of the reasons why Snowbasin is such a prime destination is the accommodation on offer. Timber lodges and heated sidewalks make this one of the more luxury resorts in Utah. It is worth bearing mind that there may be some travel required in the morning in order to get to the slopes. However, this is a minor gripe when looking at the luxury of choice, and you may be more inclined to put up with that journey when you remember that Snowbasin is one of the oldest ski resorts in America.

Powder Mountain

Just the name is enough to get some people packing their bags, and no wonder. Powder Mountain is world famous, and with over 8,000 miles of skiable terrain on offer, it remains one of the most popular skiing destinations in the US.

Some of those miles of skiing are not very accessible, and you will need to book a Snowcat Powder Safari to reach some of the more inaccessible slopes.

For those unprepared to make that journey, there remains 3,800 acres that are easily reached by ski-lift. Whether you want fast or slow slopes, cross-country terrain, or cat skiing, Powder Mountain has it all. Choose from the well-maintained closer slopes, or head off the beaten tracks for something a little wilder. You are well advised to get a Mountain Host pass if it’s your first time visiting one of the best Utah ski resorts.


Utah mountains are very popular, and some of them can get a little busy during the high season. This can put some people off, especially those that prefer to enjoy a little more peace and quiet when hitting the slopes. That’s why people are often very tight-lipped about their enjoyment of Solitude. Just as the name suggests, this is a spot that is used more by locals than tourists, making it one of the prime destinations for skiers.

Located near the end of the Big Cottonwood Valley, Solitude boasts three bowls that are spread out across a huge 1,200 acres, and has 77 ski runs to enjoy.

Primarily aimed at beginners and those with a more intermediate experience level, even the more savvy skiers can head to Solitude to enjoy the Honeycomb Canyon. One of the reasons that this is ideal for families is because not only are the skill levels spread out, the actual lifts are all located close to each other. This makes it much easier for everyone to do their own thing without the fear of losing family members. Keep an eye on this resort. It recently had new owners, and there are set to be some changes, which could elevate Solitude to more prominence in the list of best Utah ski resorts.

Utah Skiing is more popular than ever, for good reason. With something for everyone and something to suit every budget, if it’s been a while since you stepped into some skis, then Utah is certainly worth a visit. With ten resorts just one hour from Salt Lake Airport, getting to the slopes has never been easier.

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