Top 5 Most Fun Cars to Drive


When you think of fun cars to drive, your first thought is probably going to be the supercar. The ones that can speed ahead in less than a second, the ones that purr, perhaps their doors swing up – but that isn’t always the case. A lot of the time when you drive a supercar, its cost bears a huge weight on your mind, and you end up driving it more carefully than you ever would a cheap used vehicle. Then there are the advanced safety features. Being in control is one of the key components of a fun vehicle. With too many automated systems, this control is taken away from you and the need to pay attention and drive is reduced (though it shouldn’t be). That’s why the top five most fun vehicles to drive will surprise you.

What Makes a Car Fun to Drive?

At the end of the day, the most important thing when choosing the most fun cars to drive is that you enjoy driving it. For some, they want the power of a large SUV or truck; for others, they will want sporty cars. Of course, most of us will always want our dream supercar. However, when it comes to what makes a car fun to drive, the list is going to be personal to you and what it is you want out of your vehicle. Are you after a smooth and sleek exterior? Do you want a car with a roaring engine? Or are you seeking a vehicle that’s small, compact and can zip from point A to point B? Here are the topmost fun cars to drive:

1. The Classic Convertible

Some cars are fun to drive simply because they are popular classics. They’ve been driven by movie stars and by models alike. Their tops come down and let you feel the wind in your hair as you whip around the most beautiful roads in the entire world… Nothing fits this description better than the classic convertible (in red, of course).

With four seats, 18 miles per hour in the city and 27 miles per hour on the open road, and, of course, that classic top that you can put down, you’ll be having a blast on whatever trip you decide to have.

Tip: For the most fun, the Ford Mustang Convertible or similar convertibles are ideal during warm seasons. The top-down experience is something else, and warm, dry weather is going to be the perfect companion to your adventure.

2. A Sport Series Coupe

Sport series coupes come in a variety of shapes and sizes (and budgets). On the upper end, you have the McLaren 570S Coupe and on the more affordable side, you have the Toyota GT 86 coupe and the BMW 4 series coupe. The BMW, for example, features a six-cylinder engine and a rating that puts it higher than the Audi A4 and the Mercedes C-Class. This sports car handles like a dream with all the fun features that make it playful and a joy to drive. For those that want the luxury of a high-end vehicle and a powerful engine with all the modern amenities, this is going to be one of the most fun cars you can drive.

3. The Roadster

In terms of infamous cars, the Roadster is going to be one of the top choices for many to drive. With a small body that is built for speed, the roadster has been a classic since the 1990s. The Elise model has been a classic for decades. Featuring a mid-mounted four-cylinder engine and sweet body, the Elise Roadster is still to this day considered to be one of the purest driving experiences you’ll ever have in a vehicle. It’s terrible for storage and long-haul trips, but it is one great car to drive.

4. The Caterham Seven Convertible

This car is on a league of its own and is going to be the most fun for classic car enthusiasts. Its traditional design harks back to the 1930s, but its engine and everything else under the hood is entirely modern and new. It’s a ride of a lifetime for those who love history and would have loved to have been able to drive a vehicle from almost a century ago.

5. Tesla

Tesla has become an instant cult classic and subject to massive speculation. It’s a new brand in the high-end market, and its modern features are almost futuristic. For those that feel thrilled trying out the latest tech, a Tesla is going to be one of the most fun cars you can drive.