Things to do in San Diego

Things to do in San Diego

San Diego is a city on the Pacific Coast of California with a population of over 1.2 million people. It is a popular city worldwide. Regarding what the city is known for, beaches, parks, and warm climates are a few of the highlights. However, there numerous galleries, museums, gardens and cafes for you to experience.

San Diego is a glamorous and chilled out city to explore. What’s more, there are numerous free activities in San Diego to experience if you are on a budget.

Visit Balboa Park

For all of the nature lovers out there, one of the things that you can do in San Diego is visit Balboa Park. This 1,200 acre park has attractions such as a world class zoo as well as museums located in refined Spanish revival buildings.

Within this park, you will also find the Botanical building which is one of many holdovers from the 1915-16 Panama-California exposition. You can also experience a tapestry of other gardens throughout the park, making this a beautifully peaceful place to relax and unwind in.

San Diego Zoo

Another activity that you can do in San Diego is visit the official San Diego Zoo which was briefly mentioned above as it’s located in Balboa Park. When looking for things to do in San Diego this is ideal as you can enjoy over 100 acres of fun.

When planning your trip, consider taking guided tours or witnessing animal shows. The zoo is a perfect place to visit whether you want to explore on your own or with friends as well as family. Buying combination passes or looking for coupons online could result in paying a reduced amount on tickets. You should also know that the zoo is a botanical garden meaning that you can expect to see over 6,500 plant species and some are even more exotic than animals.

Sea World

Anyone who loves the excitement of seeing and touching dolphins should visit Sea World in San Diego. It’s your chance to explore your inner child again and let your hair down. In terms of things to do, you will be spoiled for choice as you may decide to go on rides, watch shows and presentations or get up close and personal with some of the animals. You can save money on tickets when you buy them early, so consider purchasing them ahead of time.

Cabrillo National Monument

If you want to explore the natural and cultural area of San Diego, you should most definitely visit the Cabrillo National Monument. Located at the southernmost tip of Point Loma, people often travel here to see the incredible views. Some of them include the views of the Pacific, Downtown San Diego, as well as the mountains of Tijuana Mexico on a clear day.

Aside from the views, the main attraction which is the statue, is of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who was the first European explorer to navigate the California coast in 1542.

Enjoy Local Cuisine

When looking for stuff to do in San Diego, don’t forget to enjoy the local cuisine. If you’ve ever wondered what types of food they have, their Spanish past as well as close proximity to Mexico, means they have culturally diverse foods. Examples of famous dishes you could eat include fish tacos, carne asada, and enchillados. Another interesting fact to know is that many fresh ingredients used in their food such as avocados, tomatoes, eggplant, and fruit are grown locally.

You should also note that on Convoy Street, there are several must eat restaurants you can tantalize your taste buds with. Some include Tajima, Pokirrito and Kura Revolving Sushi Bar.


Surfing has been a major part of San Diego’s identity, so if you happen to be a pro or want to learn, it’s the perfect opportunity to do so. In terms of good spots to go surfing, try the popular Swamis or the beach breaks at Oceanside. If you would rather watch than actually surf, then you should watch form the rocks at Windansea in La Jolla.

Ultimately, surfing is a fun activity that comes with health benefits such as improved balance, increased strength, in addition to better cardiovascular fitness. Who says you have to put on weight when on vacation?

Old Town State Historic Park

When on the lookout for free activities in San Diego, try visiting the Old Town State Historic Park. In case you’re wondering what it’s all about, this place is San Diego’s first ever downtown. What makes it attractive is that you get an old Mexico feel and you’ll find historic sites covering the restaurants, museums, preserved buildings, and much more.

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