Things to Do in Oklahoma City

What to do in Oklahoma City

Not only is it one of the most vibrant cities in America to explore, but it also has a wide range of resources that are available for the traveling individual or family to take advantage of. Finding things to do while traveling can sometimes be a challenge but in Oklahoma City, you’re more than covered.

For the Best in Food

If you’re using your travel experience to sample some great new menus, then you’re simply going to love Oklahoma City. With Midwestern steak being the best in the country, you’ll be able to treat your taste buds to something truly special. There are three top choices when it comes to food and drink in Oklahoma, and each has free Wi-Fi, can take large bookings, and are easily accessible.

The Mahogany Prime Steakhouse

This is a very high-end restaurant, and perfect for those that are looking for a little luxury. With its classical decor and the aroma of meat and red wine permeating throughout the dining space, the steakhouse is one of those places where you can take your time, all while enjoying some of the tastiest steak in the Midwest.

The Pritchard 

Sometimes you want your dining to be far more casual, and if that’s what you’re looking for then you won’t go wrong with The Pritchard. With its perfect blend of sophistication and casual, it’s the top choice for those that aren’t looking to get too dressed up for their evening meal. This is a lower budget dining place, with affordable prices that don’t detract from the casually informal yet elegant atmosphere. Perfect for business people to relax and unwind after a day of meetings.

Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse 

It may be another steakhouse, but there’s literally something for everyone here. Not only does the sports-themed restaurant provide a number of private rooms to relax in, it also has a main dining room that will impress any sports fans in your party.

The Jewel of Oklahoma City

You’re certainly not going to run out of things to do in Oklahoma City. The revitalization of Brick City has been well-covered by the nation’s press, but it’s also become one of the city’s top visitor attractions. Check out the canal with a slow and relaxing water taxi ride, or sit back and relax as you enjoy being pulled along in a horse-drawn carriage as you patter along those famous brick streets. With music events, shopping destinations and enough nightlife to satisfy even the most energetic of party animals, Brick City should always be near the top of your destination checklist.

Exploring Nature in Oklahoma City

With 17 acres to explore, there’s nothing quite like the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Not only is it packed with an incredibly diverse range of horticultural delights, but there’s also the fact that visiting the majority of the botanical wonderland is free. However, you do have to pay a small charge for access to the Crystal Bridge area, which is perfect for taking a break from your long walk through the rest of the gardens. You might think that gardens will only be a good place to visit in the summer months, but there’s something to see at every time of the year at Myriad, so there’s no excuse for avoiding this must-see attraction, even in winter.

For a Slice of Culture

It’s worth remembering to take the time to explore some culture while you’re relaxing in Oklahoma City. There’s no escaping the cowboy theme of the city, so why not embrace it and visit the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum when you have time? The whole concept of cowboy culture is something permeates the very atmosphere of OC, and you can absorb a lot of the history by visiting the famous museum. Not only are there some impressive displays of art and exclusive artifacts from Midwestern history, there are also a number of famous exhibits that are worth checking up on beforehand so that you don’t miss out on anything new. If you time it right, you can even take advantage of the specialist cinema showings that take place there, or even take part in an art class or book club to while away your time.

If you’re looking for what to do in Oklahoma City, then it certainly has something for everyone. Whether you’re using it as a place for a well-deserved pit stop or it’s the meeting place for some tough business deals, you’re bound to find the perfect mix of professional resources and relaxing time-fillers.

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