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We all love our pets, so we understand that it can be difficult to leave them behind when you’re traveling. Fortunately for pet lovers everywhere, businesses are becoming more accommodating when it comes to transporting your furry friends, including pet friendly car rental. With Advantage Rent A Car, you’re free to let your pet ride along during your next trip. If it’s your first time traveling with a pet, or you’re unsure about rules and procedures, we’ve provided a few simple tips for avoiding any complications or unwanted fees.

Give your pet a bath before picking up your rental car

One of the easiest ways to prevent your pet from leaving any odors in your rental car is cleaning them before you leave for your trip. Not only does this leave your pet with a more pleasant scent, it also rids them of any fleas or ticks that could be carried into the car.

Cover the seats

There are several products available that are specifically designed to keep your pet from leaving odors or hair on car seats. Full seat covers and pet hammocks are both effective and can be found at your local pet store. Your pet can enjoy a comfortable space all to themselves, and you can avoid cleaning up after them.

Bring a couple of your pet’s favorite toys

Some pets struggle with traveling in unfamiliar environments, which can cause erratic behavior. We recommend bringing a couple of their favorite toys to keep them relaxed and prevent them from gnawing on seat belts and other interior features.

Use a pet seat belt. A seat belt for your pet works much the same way a seat belt works for you, restraining their bodies from being ejected in the event of an accident. A seat belt for your pet can prevent injury while also allowing you to focus on the road.

Note: Pet seat belts are not regulated, so be sure to closely evaluate products before purchasing.

Don’t leave your pet unattended in the car

We know this is obvious to most pet owners, but it can’t be stressed enough. At best, leaving your pet unattended can lead to interior car damage. At worst, your pet could be in danger of heatstroke or suffocation in high temperatures. Remember that the inside of a car can rise to dangerous temperatures in a matter of minutes. You should always take your pet with you or have someone in your group stay behind.

Keep your pet dry

Of the many odors a pet can leave, wet hair is especially potent, but it’s also preventable. Be sure to thoroughly dry or clean your pet if they get wet. While regular signs of use are expected during your rental, leaving a persistent odor can result in a fee.

Clean the rental car before returning it

Hopefully at the end of the trip, you’ve had a memorable experience with your pet for all of the right reasons. But just in case you missed a pet mishap, give the car a final examination, making sure to clear any pet hair and combat any lingering odors.

Advantage Rent A Car is proud to be a pet-friendly rental car service, as domestic pets are allowed to ride in vehicles at no additional cost. Domestic pets refer to dogs, cats, or other tame animals or birds that are dependent on humans for survival. If you have any questions about bringing your pet along for the ride, we are happy to help! Please contact us at (800) 777-5500, or if you’re ready to book, find a rental car location  online!

Written by: Kody Pedersen

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