Minivan vs SUV

Minivan vs SUV

If you’re looking at the differences between a minivan and an SUV, then the chances are that you’re traveling with a group. Whether it’s a family trip or a business group, the minivan vs SUV argument is one that you need to consider wisely. There are benefits to each model type, and whether you’re more concerned with costs, performance, or even style, then you’re going to need to clarify exactly what your needs are. With the wide range of styles and models available, it’s time to look at the fundamental differences between the SUV and the minivan, so that you are better able to get behind the wheel of the best form of transport for your needs.

The Cost Difference

Minivans are usually cheaper to buy or rent than the larger SUV models, so if price is your only concern, then you needn’t look any further. However, some models of SUV are smaller than their counterparts, so you may find that depending on the size of vehicle you’re looking for, the price difference may not be as much as you thought. Knowing how many people are likely to be in the car on any trip will be the key to knowing the size of the vehicle that you need, and balancing cost over comfort is the key to making the best choice for you.

Which is Safer?

When it comes to a blanket assessment of minivan vs SUV in terms of safety, the difference is barely noticeable. Both types of vehicle are famous for their safety features, and their large size affords them an additional layer of security and protection on even the worst roads. Different models offer their own unique safety features, with SUVs often providing higher seating which can give the driver a much better view of the road. However, minivans are built on much lower platforms, making them much less likely to roll over in accidents. Look at your driving history and assess where you need the most safety, and choose your model based on your travel expectations.

Interior Comfort

No matter how long your journeys are likely to be, you want them to be comfortable. The key here is once again knowing the likelihood of filling the vehicle. Minivans have the additional seating in the third row that allows enough space so that your passengers don’t need to squeeze themselves into their seat like some kind of circus contortionist. If you’re not planning on carrying that many passengers on a regular basis, then opting for a top-end SUV might be a much better option. Space is key to making your final decision when it comes to a full size SUV vs minivan, and knowing in advance how you’ll be using the vehicle will go a long way to helping you make a final decision.

Technology Comparison

There’s no real difference between the driving technologies of an SUV vs minivan. This is definitely going to come down to a model by model basic assessment, and you’ll be able to upgrade or downgrade as required. The trick is knowing what technology you actually need. Too many people pay additional thousands of dollars on in-car rear-seat entertainment systems, not realizing that they can spend much less on installing the same equipment after the car is home. One of the key areas to check when you’re looking at the variety of SUVs and minivans is the number of USB ports available on each model. Some offer many more than others, with the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe providing USB ports for every single passenger seat, meaning that none of your passengers are going to run out of device battery while traveling.

Storage Space

If there’s one area where there’s a clear winner, it’s in space. Minivans are always going to be the winners in this category, and even the biggest SUV is never going to be able to compete with the storage space of a minivan. Looking at some of the basic models, the Honda Odyssey has a massive 148.5 cubic feet of storage space, while the Chevrolet Suburban has to satisfy itself with a mere 94.7 cubic feet of space. If space is a real concern, then you’re definitely going to want to opt for the larger minivan.

When it comes to making a final decision, you’re always going to need to tailor your choice to your actual needs. Always look for advice from your rental car provider, and take the time to look at the most important areas that will have an effect on your journey. There’s a big difference between using a car for the weekly shop, and heading into the woods for camping trips, so look at how you’re going to use the vehicle and you’ll find that making the choice of SUV vs minivan will be much easier.

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