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Although both come under the umbrella term of sports utility vehicle, there are many differences between the two types that are worth checking out to ensure that you get the most suitable transportation no matter your needs. Here’s the rundown of all you need to know on the debate of midsize vs. standard SUV.

Midsize/Intermediate SUVs

Sometimes referred to as intermediate SUVs, the midsize SUV is a great vehicle that is well worth renting. Bigger than the more common compact SUVs, they also come with a wide range of benefits that cover those important elements of travel such as speed, durability, and interior space. They may be smaller than standard SUVs, but their interiors have been maximized to keep that same all-important roominess that the SUV is famous for. With less weight, midsize SUVs are widely considered one of the most comfortable and easy to drive vehicles currently on the market.

Standard SUVs

If you’re after power, then you may want to pay close attention to the standard SUV options. Not only are they versatile and capable of a high level of safety and comfort, they are also perfect for hauling trailers and they even perform well off-road. If you’re traveling with plenty of people, then the standard SUV is a great choice that will keep every passenger happy. As well as comfort, standard SUVs are known for performing very well in safety tests, making them one of the safest vehicles to drive no matter your reasons for travel.

What Other Differences Exist? 

When you’re trying to make a decision over which SUV to rent, there are a few factors that differentiate the two. These factors can be very useful when it comes to making a final decision, so they’re worth checking out and comparing to your specific needs. After all, there’s a lot of difference between traveling on vacation with the family or driving to a business meeting. While a midsize SUV is smaller than a standard, they are both very roomy although the smaller midsize means that the seating arrangements can be very different. You’ll need to question your storage space needs as well, because chances are that if you’re simply going for a business meeting, you may not need the extra space provided by the standard SUV option.

Cost of fuel

It makes sense that the midsize is going to be noticeably more fuel-efficient than the larger models. The standard SUV has been designed to excel at off-road driving and towing, so the engine size is significantly more powerful, which brings with it some loss of fuel efficiency.

As gas prices continue to fluctuate, fuel costs are likely to be a serious consideration, and it may be worth opting for a midsize SUV over a standard. Midsize SUVs are noticeably less weighty, making them not only easier to maneuver but also seriously better when it comes to getting the best gas mileage.

Ease of driving

It’s worth researching both SUV types before making your final decision. If you’ve never driven a larger vehicle, it can take some time getting a feel for the handling of the standard models. They take some getting used to, whereas midsize models are known for having much better handling and drivability. Again, this is going to come down to your individual requirements.

For business owners traveling to meet suppliers and clients, or to forge new contacts, a midsize SUV is often the best choice, although if you are planning some off-road adventures between business meetings, then it’s definitely worth paying extra fuel costs for the additional safety and durability of the standard SUV.

When it comes to making a decision on your SUV type, it’s always worth making a list of what you need and what you don’t. Talk to your rental car company and address any concerns and always take the time to research before renting. Driving an SUV is the height of luxury, but making sure that you get the right vehicle for you can make all the difference as you travel to your next destination.

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