Intermediate vs Economy Rental Cars

Intermediate vs. Economy Rental Car

In the modern world, people rent cars for a variety of reasons. Depending on what these reasons are, it is likely that they will be stuck deciding between renting an intermediate or an economy car. Although these types of rental car may seem indistinguishable to some people, there are some key differences that can affect how positive your time with your rental car is. Often, the debate over choosing an intermediate vs economy rental car is defined by how large the budget is of the person renting, or how much size they need during the rental period. However, there are also some other important points to consider when you are in the process of making your decision, all of which shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Consider the Size

It is usually no surprise to people to discover that an economy rental car is smaller than an intermediate one. This can be considered both a positive and a negative, depending on what the purpose of your car rental may be. For example, an intermediate car is better suited to larger groups or families, as they offer more leg room and storage. If a young couple or an individual were to rent an intermediate model, they might feel as though they are paying more for space they do not need. This is why people like this tend to choose economy rental cars in their search. Usually, such cars will offer them the space they need for a better price. Yet, if you are hoping to use your rental car for a road trip or a vacation, it is almost always better to choose an intermediate sized car, as it will provide more space for your luggage, as well as more leg room during long hours on the road.

What about Comfort?

One of the biggest points of contention between economy and intermediate rental cars is their comfort levels. Usually, it is merely the size which can be the defining aspect, as comfort levels are similar. As the years progress, both economy and intermediate rental cars are beginning to add more comfort features to their cars, such as DVD players and heated seats. As with most decision-making processes, you should make your final choice based on why you are renting your car. If you need your car for small trips around town or to your local place of work, economy cars may be a better choice for individual use. This is because features like leg room won’t be compromised. There are also ways of ensuring your rental car is comfortable, even when it is small. For longer trips with larger groups, an economy car wouldn’t be an ideal choice. With hardly any space for leg room and smaller seats, it is infinitely true that an intermediate model would be your best option here.

Safety Features

As with many aspects of intermediate and economy rental cars, the safety features they boast can be indistinguishable for many people. Most models these days have basic safety features like child locks, as well as some more advanced ones such as parking sensors. When this is the case, there are a few areas which can help you decide which rental car is better in terms of safety. If you live in an area with winding roads, there is no doubt that having a smaller car will help you navigate your neighborhood with a smaller risk of crashing. However, if you have an entire family to consider when you are driving, you should rent an intermediate car to ensure the safety of everyone inside. This is because they are heavier and can stay on the road more during adverse weather conditions. Sometimes, you might be able to pay more for either type of car so that you can make use of the most advanced safety features.

Overall Costs

Economy cars are not just named so for their size. In fact, they also refer to the cost you will be paying upfront if you were to rent one. Although you will have a smaller car during the rental period, this cost-effectiveness more than makes sense if you are using it for a small group of people. With larger groups or families, the extra cost of renting an intermediate sized car is more than worth it. One other thing you should also consider is how much it will cost to run your rental car in the time you are renting it for. This will also help you reduce your impact on the environment. Economy cars are widely regarded to be much more fuel efficient than intermediate ones, as the smaller the car, the more miles to the gallon you can usually squeeze out of your dollar.

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