Diesel vs. Gas – Know the Differences

Diesel vs. Gas

When it comes to renting a car, you have a variety of vehicles to choose from. Not only do you need to consider the size and capacity of the vehicle to suit your needs, but you also have a choice between one that consumes either gasoline or diesel fuel.

Choosing between a diesel car or gas rental car is typically decided by economy and your personal preference. In times gone by, diesel cars were thought to be noisier and smellier than gas-powered cars, however, with technical innovations, this preconception is now redundant, and any differences are barely noticeable. To help guide you through the gas vs diesel debate, here are 3 areas for you to consider:

1.    How far are you planning to travel?

Before you reserve a car to hire, calculate the number of miles that you estimate that you need to travel. A diesel car tends to provide the user with a lower cost per mile than the gasoline versions of the car. This means that the car will do more miles per gallon. Diesel engines are more efficient than the gasoline engines, and so the amount of fuel that you need will be less. For longer road trips, the savings that you can make using a diesel car can be significant, although for shorter trips, the savings will not give you such an economic advantage.

2.    Type of roads

You also need to consider the type of roads that you will be using. A diesel car is best suited for highways where their engines are best suited for longer, steadier drives. This works best for maintaining the efficiency of the engine, as they rely on journeys of between thirty and fifty minutes at a relatively high speed to allow the engine’s temperature to burn off the buildup and excess of soot on the filter. Highways are the ideal roads for this to occur.

The smaller roads either in a city or town are more suited to gasoline-powered cars which will provide a more rewarding drive for the user. With quick acceleration and the need for frequent stopping and starting, a gas car is ideal (stop-start traffic can cause diesel filters to clog and not work as efficiently).

3.    The landscape

The environment that you are driving through is also something that you need to consider. If your journey is going to take you through areas that are hilly or through a tough terrain such as snow, a diesel car is more likely to be able to handle the terrain. Diesel cars have a muscular torque (the ‘shove’ that you need to accelerate), which means that while you must change gears earlier than gasoline-powered cars, they feel more solid in certain conditions, especially SUVs.

In short, the results of the gas vs diesel debate are:

Gasoline-powered cars excel for:

  • Short journeys
  • City and urban environments

A diesel car is best for:

  • Highway driving
  • Long journeys
  • Hilly or challenging landscapes

No matter which fuel type of car you choose, you must ensure that you use the correct fuel type when filling up! As a rental agency, Advantage will tell you which fuel your vehicle requires. If you are unsure, there are other ways that you can tell what type of fuel you need to use, i.e. diesel vs gas.

  1. The diesel car engine fuel tank opening has a larger diameter than that of a gas car.
  2. Diesel car engines sound ‘chunkier’ than gasoline counterparts.
  3. In a diesel car, you will need to change gear sooner than you ordinarily would expect to with a gas-powered car.
  4. The car’s fuel tanks typically have a sticker reminding you which type of fuel to use.
  5. Check the rental agreement, the fuel type will be clearly

Filling a car with the wrong type of fuel will ultimately stop the car from working and cause damage to the car, so if you have inadvertently filled-up the tank with the incorrect fuel, pull over immediately!

Advances in technology have made the distinction between gas vs diesel less clear regarding driving experience and performance. The best option for your journey, is the one that suits the driving conditions that you expect to be making during the rental period. If you are unsure about which vehicle to hire, it is wise to seek advice from the rental company, after all, the car needs to be relevant to your situation, but also suited to its technical capabilities. Always make sure that you use the right fuel to fill the car, otherwise your deliberations about whether to choose diesel vs gas will have been in vain! Whatever you decide on, have a safe trip!

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