Comparing Rental Cars

Comparing Rental Cars

Choosing a vehicle to buy is a matter of your budget and needs. Renting a vehicle is very much the same, with the big exception that they are far more affordable for short term trips. You could splurge for a weekend away with a date and enjoy a premium rental that has all the stops, or you can go for the budget option that gets the best gas mileage.

Comparing rental cars is best done when you narrow it down by type. You might not be able to get the exact make and model of a car that you were hoping for if it was already rented out before you could book. By knowing what type of vehicle you want to rent, however, you can set your expectations and budget accordingly.

Economy Cars

Economy cars are the best vehicle for budgets. They often only have two doors, though there are four door models if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of putting down the front seat every time you stop. If you need a rental vehicle for a weekend trip or to tide you over while yours is getting a repair, an economy car can be your perfect fit.

They typically fit up to four people, though you will find them much more comfortable if you only have one or two people to think about. What economy cars cannot be beaten on, however, is their gas mileage. They are the best for city trips, and the second-best class for long-distance.

Compact Cars

The next class are the compact cars. Also budget friendly, these vehicles are all four doors and have seats suitable to fit five, though you will be much more comfortable with less. Couples and small families will enjoy compact cars, especially in big and busy cities as they are the easiest to park and travel with.

In terms of gas mileage, you can get between 27 miles per gallon in cities, where stopping and starting is frequent, or up to 36 miles per gallon if traveling on cruise control between cities and on long stretches of road.

Intermediate or Midsize Cars

Intermediate cars, also known as midsize cars, are good for families of four or five. They are smaller in size than the classes we will get to later on, but unlike economy or compact cars can still fit up to three large suitcases worth of luggage in their trunk. You will be able to get up to 29 miles per gallon in cities with mid-size cars, or up to 38 on highways. This means that, in the right circumstances, this could be the best budget-friendly option overall.

Standard Cars

Standard cars offer roomy space for up to five passengers and can hold up to three large suitcases in the back. They are very easy to drive, park, and handle, making them a great choice for traveling within cities. You won’t get as good gas mileage, but at 25 to 36 miles per gallon you are still at a great mileage point.

Full-Size Cars

Full-size cars are roomy and efficient, making them a great choice if your family or passengers are adults and need the extra leg room. They can handle up to five passengers easily and offer plenty of storage in the back. They are very easy to drive and enjoyable to get around in due to the larger cabin area and leg room. You won’t get as impressive gas mileage, however, with mileage ranging between 21 to 30 miles per gallon.

Premium Cars

Premium cars are the best your rental agency can offer. They, along with luxury vehicles, can hold up to five passengers and three pieces of luggage like other classes in this list. The difference, however, is that they offer great leg room and are very spacious on top of having some unique and luxury features.

You will be able to enjoy automatic transmission, efficient A/C, features like heated seats, powered steering wheel, GPS, and more. Their tank is 18 gallons large and their mileage ranges between 22 to 30 miles per gallon, so you can get to where you are going in comfort and class.

Different types of rental cars are great choices for different reasons. You might want to opt for the car that has the best gas mileage, or the most leg room. Though you cannot always guarantee the make and model of car you want to rent, you can guarantee the type. Be happy with the type of vehicle you would like to rent, and you’ll have a great trip ahead of you.