Eating Healthy While Traveling – How To

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How to Eat Healthy While Traveling for Work

When my company switched insurance plans, I was reminded how overdue I was for my annual physical. Clothed in nothing more than a paper-towel wrap and my own shame, I stepped onto the scale for my yearly dose of reality. As the numbers crept higher and higher, I was confronted with the consequences of a diet that had consisted mostly of airport burgers and hotel bar food. Leaving the doctor’s office that day with my script for cholesterol medication and the admonition to exercise and eat healthier, I had to face the ugly truth: life on the road had taken its toll.

Determined to get back to my “fighting weight,” I made a plan I hoped would work with my hectic travel schedule. By taking a few minutes to plan my days, I can now make better choices that not only keep my weight down but also give me the energy to power through my crazy life. Here’s what I do to eat healthy while traveling for work:

Snack Smart:You know it’s true – the longer you sit listening to that speaker drone on and on, the better the doughnuts start to look. Instead of diving into the pastry platter, I’ve determined to chose fresh fruit or a protein-rich snack I bring from home instead.

Skip the Bread:Since we’ve already established my preference for burgers, here’s how I feed my cravings without breaking the caloric bank: lettuce wraps. I just order my favorite burger, minus the cheese, and have it wrapped in lettuce instead of the bun. Also, ask if the restaurant offers a choice of fruit or salad in place of fries.

Drink Well: Chose water, coffee and tea during meetings and flights instead of soda. You’ll save hundreds of calories by skipping the high-sugar drinks and you’ll also avoid becoming dehydrated.

Take Advantage of Airline Lounges:As a priority member and frequent flyer, you probably have access to an airline lounge. Instead of filling up on pretzels, pop into the club pre-flight to snack on the crudité platter.

Don’t Skip Meals:You might think that avoiding meals would help you save calories but in the long run, the tactic always backfires. Instead, chose lighter, more frequent meals starting with a breakfast that is chock full of protein.

Healthy Airline Meals: While the thought may seem like an oxymoron, you can, in fact, eat healthy while flying. One of the things those endless miles get you is a seat in first class and a choice of meals. Just ask the flight attendant for the heart-healthy options.

Become a Food Stalker:Some guys can resist temptation wherever they find themselves. That’s not me. Instead of succumbing to the momentary allure of Buffalo wings, I go online to check out the menu before going to dinner and make my decisions ahead of time. This also helps me make suggestions to clients about where to go and provides me more control of my diet.

I have also found that by opting for a rental car, I have more choices in regard to where my next meal is coming from. With a car from Advantage Rent a Car, I can easily drive across town to explore the latest farm-to-table restaurant that everyone is talking about and skip the greasy mozzarella sticks at the hotel bar.