4 Best Places to Find Authentic Irish Food in America

Irish Food

According to a recent census, the Irish-American population is seven times larger than Ireland. The facts speak for themselves, as 34.5 million Americans have listed their heritage as either partially or primarily Irish. To compare, Ireland’s total population is 4.68 million.

It, therefore, will be no surprise to learn that there are many destinations across America that regularly serve delicious Irish dishes every day of the week. If you want to sample the unique cuisine, here are the four best places to find authentic Irish food in America.

New York

The census found that New York has the most concentrated Irish population in all of America, as an incredible 12.9% of the state’s residents claim Irish heritage, which is in comparison to the nationwide average of 11.1%. So, if you’re looking for authentic Irish dishes that will linger on your tongue, you’ll want to pay a visit to the Big Apple.

Head on over to the best Irish pubs in NYC to experience the unique cuisine for yourself, such as:

  • Molly’s Sheeben (Serving a delicious Irish breakfast and shepherd’s pie)
  • O’Hara’s Restaurant & Pub (Try the Irish stew)
  • Connolly’s Pub & Restaurant (Everything from fish & chips to shepherd’s pie)
  • Jones Wood Foundry (Enjoy cottage pie, sticky toffee pudding, and beer-battered haddock)


Bostonians are bursting with pride for their Irish heritage, which is why they celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style every March. That’s because approximately 20.4% of the population have Irish heritage, making it the most concentrated Irish population for a city in the US.

Anyone wanting to sample Irish cuisine for themselves will therefore not be disappointed when in Beantown. That’s because the city offers many superb Irish pubs and restaurants to grab some corned beef and cabbage or a serving of shepherd’s pie.

For example, Mr Dooley’s has been serving up dishes from the Emerald Isle since 1991. Here you can treat yourself to one of many mouthwatering dishes on the menu, such as Guinness-marinated sirloin steak, an Irish breakfast, corned beef and horseradish sandwich, and, of course, shepherd’s pie.

However, a trip to Ronan’s Deli is a must-visit for authentic Irish food, as the eatery and grocery store offers products from both Ireland and Brazil. You also can order many Irish dishes from the menu, such as battered sausage or a Galway Plate of Irish sausage, Irish beans, Irish bacon and French fries.

After a hearty meal, you can explore many superb attractions inspired by the city’s Irish heritage, such as the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum and the Boston Irish Heritage Trail.


Another US city that firmly believes they have the luck of the Irish is, of course, Chicago. Locals are often the first people to don an Irish kilt, pull out the bagpipes and grab a pint of Guinness come St Patrick’s Day, so you will be spoilt for choice by the many Irish dishes on many pub and restaurant menus in The Windy City.

For example, if you want to soak up the atmosphere of a traditional Irish watering hole, drop into the Irish Times Pub and Restaurant, offering a cozy, welcoming environment for both locals and tourists. They also regularly host live Irish music to complement shepherd’s pie and corned beef and cabbage by the fireplace.

Johnny O’Hagan’s can also provide you with a delicious taste of Ireland, as you can treat yourself to a cod sandwich on a Friday. The traditional pub also routinely serves up a scrumptious Irish breakfast and tasty specials, which perfectly fit the traditional backdrop.


The City of Brotherly Love is well-known for its many Irish pubs and bars, which is why it’s a top destination to visit to experience the best Irish food in the United States. Not only does Philadelphia serve up green beer and shots of Jameson on St Patrick’s Day, but it regularly offers typical pub grub you could expect to find in any eatery in Ireland.

One Irish establishment that has stood the test of time in Philadelphia is Moriarty’s Restaurant & Irish Pub, as it’s been serving Irish fare for more than 30 years. Not only can you take your pick from 28 draught beers along the 60-foot bar, but you will easily fall in love with their signature dish of corned beef brisket with cabbage. Other classics include Guinness beef stew that’s worth walking from the Emerald Isle for, as well as shepherd’s pie and Irish bread pudding.