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Tuesday: 07:30 AM - 11:30 PM
Wednesday: 07:30 AM - 11:30 PM
Thursday: 07:30 AM - 11:30 PM
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Location Specific Information

Renters 18-20 years of age are restricted to rental of MCMR, ECMR, EDMR, EXMR only. Renters 21-24 years of age are restricted to rental of MCMR, ECMR, EDMR, EXMR, CDMR, CWMR, IXAR, IDMR, IWMR, IMMR, FVMR, SVMR only. Renters must be minimum 25 years of age to rent all other vehicles. Young Drivers Charge ... Renters 18-20 yrs - 16eur/day. Maximum charge of 15 days. Renters 21-24yrs - 16eur/day. Maximum charge of 15 days. Additional Drivers - 7eur/day Maximum charge of 20 days of rental. Applies to each extra driver. For any additional driver added when the rental has started the charge will be applied since the date of check-out.
Minimum charge deposit will apply depending on the vehicle rented and duration of rental.
Driver must present valid driving license at time of rental. Non European country driving license and any license written in a different alphabet than Latin is not accepted unless accompanied by a valid International Drivers License or official translation issued by the local embassy. Any document in lieu of the original foreign driving license - European and non-European, cannot be accepted.
20.50eur refueling charge will apply when the vehicle is returned with more than 4 litres of fuel missing plus the cost of the fuel needed to fill up the tank. Europcar offer you the possibility to buy a full tank of fuel at check-out time in order not to pay for the refueling charge. No refund is due in case the vehicle is returned with some fuel.
CDW - for groups Economy, Compact and Intermediate - max excess charge 400eur. For all other groups - max excess 1500eur THW - THEFT WAIVER - for groups Economy and Compact - excess 1700eur. For all other groups - excess charge - 2700eur SCDW - SUPER COLLISION WAIVER - 14eur/day from 1-5 day, then 12eur/day from 6-18 days, - 0 excess CDWPLUS - Plan A - 8eur/day for economy groups, 9eur/day for all others. It reduces the damage excess amount to 350eur for Economy groups and 500eur for all others.Plan B - 6eur/day for economy groups, 7eur/day for all others - it reduces the damage excess amount to 450eur for economy groups and 750eur for all others. STWH - Super Theft Waiver - For Economy groups - 22eur/day from1-5 days, then 19/day for 6-18dys - excess charge 0 For all others - 25eur/day for 1-5days, then 21eur/day for 6-18 days rental - excess charge -0-. SLDW - Super Loss Damage Waiver - Economy groups - 22/day from 1-5days, 19eur/day from 6-18 days, excess charge 0 All other groups - 25eur/day from 1-5days, 21eur/day for 6-18days - excess charge 0 MULTICOVER - 11eur/day from 1-14days, then 165 for 15-30 days package. This package includes the following covers: Global Vehicle Cover, Vandalism Action Cover, Interior Vehicle Damage Cover, Personal Accident Insurance. GLOBAL VEHICLE COVER - 5eur/day for 1-14days, then 75eur for 15-30days package - covers damages to the roof, chassis, tires and windshield. INTERIOR VEHICLE DAMAGE COVER - 2.50eur/day - covers damage caused to interior of vehicle. charge applies up to 14 days rental plus a fixed package amount fro 15-30 days of 37.50eur. VANDALISM ACTION COVER- 3eur/day -covers damages caused by vandalism. Charge applies up to 14 days rntl plus a fixed pkg amount for 15-30days 150eur. PAI - 10eur/day - max compensation 51,645.69eur. Charge applies up to 14days rntl plus a fixed pkg amount for 15-30days of 150eur SPAI - SUPER PAI - min 13/max 15eur/day - split into 2 level - each level is based on a different and higher maximum indemnifiable sum compared to the normal PAI policy. Charge applies up to 14days. For 15-30days rntl a fixed pkg amount is apply min 195eur / max 225eur.
A 30eur charge will apply for all no-show reservations.
Amex, Eurocard, Mastercard, Japan Credit Bureau, Visa, Diners, and Access cards accepted. Debit cards not accepted.