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Location Specific Information

Additional drivers - 8.33gbp/day to a maximum of 83.33gbp/rental. All additional drivers must meet the age and license requirements set out in the age policy. A maximum of 8 additional drivers are permitted per rental.
All Out of Hours reservations are on request at the charge advised on the main page of the terms and conditions. Out of hours returns are allowed at selected locations. Where a vehicle is returned outside office hours the location should confirm the procedure for returning the vehicle out of hours and the location of the key return box. All customers must be advised that they remain liable for vehicle damage until the vehicle is checked in on the next working day. Please note that when returning out of hours at Marble Arch additional charges may apply.
Young driver charge applies to all drivers aged 22 - 24yrs - 27.08gbp MINIMUM AGE22 YEARS OLD -MBMN, ECMN, CCMR, CDMR (YOUNG DRIVERS SUR CHARGE IS APPLICABLE) 23 YEARS OLD -IDMR, CCAR, IVMR, IWMR, CWMR, SDAR, SDMR. (YOUNG DRIVERS SUR CHARGE IS APPLICABLE) 25 YEARS OLD -FVMR, PWAR, PDAR, LDAR There is no upper age limit except at the following locations where the maximum age limit is 75 years: Pembroke, Carmarthen, Plymouth, Exeter, Newquay and Taunton.
Standard Deposits Renters will be asked for the following deposits: 1) The estimated cost of the rental. 2) A 250 Security Deposit. (The 250 deposit is not linked to the amount of the renters damage or theft liability excess and is required on all rentals). Please note: (A) All first time customers who present a foreign driving licence and have a UK address will be required to pay a deposit of 1000.00 (rather than 250.00). (B) All first time customers who present a UK driving licence and have a foreign address must provide a 1000.00 deposit (rather than 250.00).All deposits will be authorised which means that the amount is marked against the card but not actually charged to it. The Authorisation therefore reduces the cardholders available credit as against their approved limit. The amount does not appear on
Drivers must present a full valid licence at the time of rental, which must have been held for at least 1 year prior to the rental checking out.For Plymouth, Exeter, Taunton, Carmarthen, Pembroke, Aberystwyth and Llanelli the licence must have been held for at least 2 yearsprior to checkout for young drivers under the age of 25 years old.Visitors to the UK - All visitors to the UK must present a full valid licence. Licences issued overseas must be clearly identifiable as a driving licence, otherwise an International Driving Licence will be required. A Passport, ID showing home address and proof to entry/exit into/out of the UK(e-tickets acceptable) must be produced if not a UK resident.UK Residents who hold the new photo card licence must also present the paper counterpart at the start of the rental. Endorsements are only shown on the paper counterpart so customers MUST produce both documents. Holders of the old style UK paper licence must also provide an additional form of photographic ID in the form of a Full Valid Passport, Armed Forces ID Card or a Police Warrant Card, no other form of ID will be accepted.UK residents that hold a non-EU licence may drive in the UK for up to 12 from the time you become resident. After 12 months your overseas licencewill be deemed illegal in the UK and it must be exchanged for the UK equivalent. UK residents that hold a non-UK EU licence, your licence is valid until the age of 70 or for 3 years after becoming a UK resident - whichever is longest. A renter holding a non - UK licence must produce a full valid passport at time of rental. Holders of any licence that does not show the current address must also produce proof of current address in the form a Current Credit Finance Agreement, Current Utilities Bill, or Current Bank Statement.All renters with a UK home address will need to pass an Experian Authenticate check as verification of residence at their given address. Any customer failing an Authenticate check will not be allowed to rent. If there is an unsatisfactory search result you will need to provide paper based proof of identity such as a Current Credit Finance Agreement, Current Utilities Bill or Current Bank Statement that is less than 4 months old when you pick up the vehicle from out rental location.Visitors to the UK will have their Passport and Driving Licence checked for authticity by the ID Scan at participation locations. ID scan is a scanningsystem which can detect fraudulent documents. Any customer whose documents fail the ID scan check will not be allowed to rent.UK nationals residing overseas are advised to use a driving licence of the country in which they reside or they will be subject to the above.
Roadside Assistance - In case of breakdown or accidents emergency telephone numbers can be found on the tax disc and key fob. Cover is provided through the AA or RAC dependant on the vehicle manufacturer. Customers should call the emergency number shown on their vehicle. Coverage is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Child Seat - 9.16gbp/day up to a max of 91.66gbp/rental. A security deposit of 200.00 (replacement amount) is required for each seat, which will be refunded to the renter upon return of the child seat at check-in. Booster Seat -8-12yrs/ 3.33gbp/day up to a max of 33.33gbp/rental. A security deposit of 50.00 (replacement amount) is required for each seat, which will be refunded to the renter upon return of the child seat at check-in. Satellite Navigation - 11.66gbp/day up to a maximum of 116.66gbp/rental - A 300.00 deposit is required. GPS is available from all locations.
All Vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel and it is the customers responsibility to return the vehicle full or pay for any missing fuel at the end of the rental. On rentals of 4 days or longer we recommend that you add the cost of a full tank up front to our rental charges at the time of pick up. This method eliminates the need for you to refuel the tank prior to returning. The fuel amount charged at the time of rental will be based on a market competitive price and the car model rented. We are unable to issue a refund for unused fuel. A fuel deposit is not required.
Vehicles may be taken abroad but renters will be requied to purchase the Europdrive Package.The Europdrive Package is only available to purchase at the counter and applies to vehicles going to the Republic of Ireland also. 1 - 2 day = 37.493 - 4 day = 45.835 - 7 day = 62.498 - 13 day = 87.4914 - 20 day = 99.9921 - 28 day = 108.3328 - 34 day = 116.6635 - 41 day = 124.9942+ day = 133.33
25.00gbp No-show fee will be charged for all no-shows
Cash Deposits are allowed at discretions of station manager and with a copy of passport and airline ticket. Apply at reservation centre. Cash refunds not normally available and cheque refunds can take up to 28 days. Credit cards accepted - MasterCard, Visa, Diners and American Express.
Grace Period - Europcar offers you 30 minutes grace period after 24 hours are up (whole day rental). Late Return Penalty - A penalty charge of 40.00gbp will apply if a customer returns their car more than 24 hours after the agreed check-in time without advising the branch. Damage Admin FeeMinor damages to the vehicle such as scratches or dents will be charged for by the station at time of check-in - such cases will incur a Damage Admin fee of 27.00 on top of the deductible amount (the admin fee may be higher for more serious damages).